How to use a voucher code?

  • How to use a voucher code?

Just click once on the code and we’ll automatically serve you by copying the code for you. When you are just about to check out from DealsLands store, just paste the code in the promo code field to get the benefit of our voucher code. This promo code generally referred as promo code is also known as discount code, voucher code or promotional code. If you are having any trouble in using voucher code get in touch with us for detailed assistance.

  • What should I do if I want to print physical vouchers for carrying it into the store?

If the vouchers is available for printing then it will be marked or notified as a “printable voucher”. Secondly, if the vouchers are meant to be printed then they must be having bar codes as well as color pictures. Other than that, some of the discount code or any other offer may be designed to be used online only.

  • What to do if the promo code found on the site did not work?

Most of the offers on DealsLands are usually submitted by the customers like you and unluckily they don’t work sometimes. Majority of the offers available on our site can be rated and so if a code doesn’t work notify other shoppers and do a favor by clicking the thumbs down button available next to the promo. It is strongly recommended checking any of the offers, promos or discounts that have been applied before completing any of the purchase online. as well as its allied merchants is not responsible for the accuracy of the user-submitted content.

  • How to vote on a vouchers?

You would find little gray thumbs-up or thumbs-down next to every success rating box. If the promos availed to you worked successfully, then let us know by clicking on the thumbs-up option. Share with us what you bought and how much you actually saved on the purchase. If the offer was unsuccessful, then please click on the thumbs-down option. By voting on promos, you are helping other customers in finding out the best deals and offers.

  • What does it mean by “percent success”?

We are usually depended on the users like you for letting us know which offers work the best and so you can like most of the things on DealsLands. Thus, the “percent success” is purely based on the number of people who liked our promo code by clicking on thumbs-up vote. So if any of our offer saves your money then please do let us know!

  • From where does one meet with average savings?

As soon as you click on thumbs-up vote, we will ask you how much you really saved on purchase of the product. That number is then taken and put in our super-high-tech math machine and thus finally the average savings is calculated.

Guidelines for Submitting voucher code-

  • How to submit voucher code on the site?

You can just use the box located on the right side of your favorite store or even you can submit a voucher from the profile page. You need to simply enter the store name and then pick a voucher code or a shopping tip or even a printable voucher. If it is a discount code or a shopping tip, one could enter rest of the details including the expiration date and then click on “post voucher”. In order to access printable voucher code, one need to describe the discount as well as expiration date (if known) and then simply click on the “submit voucher” option. After getting quick review from our staff, the offer would go live on our site and thus one can start tracking down the amount that you helped people to save with your voucher code.

  • After submitting, when will my voucher code will come live on the site?

It is most obvious fact that we regularly shave lots of submissions. So majority of the offers go through quick review by our staff to ensure that everything is fine. Normally this takes few hours.

  • Is that possible to create a store page for submitting my offer?

If one have come across a great deal, then submit it. If one doesn’t have any store on our site, then our staff surely will review it thus determining if it is a good fit for If it is then we will post your vouchers after creating the store.

 Managing Your DealsLands Account :

  • Why it is necessary to create an account?

By creating an account it will allow you to sign up as well as customize various alerts from the favorite stores. It has being proves as the greatest tool for availing latest, greatest offers from the stores which you prefer.
As soon as you create an account, you can start earning points as well as badges while submitting and sharing those promos that you find to DealsLands. This is definitely greatest way for helping other people in saving and keeping the circle of savings lively and well.

  • What is the process of signing up and creating an account at

It’s very simple. Just click here on this given link and you would be taken to our sign-up and log-in page where you can start creating your account by using your Facebook id or else you can opt for creating an entire new id and password for the new account. If you are making a new id then our ad-min will send you the confirmation mail to your email address. There you would be provided with our web-page link which would direct you to our homepage confirming your account. After completing this process you can sign up for the daily alerts and also you can edit your account details if you wish. It does not incur any extra charges. Make use of the information available of your favorite stores; finish up editing your profile with a picturesque profile picture which would be included in the primary and secondary information of you as a member. You can join the community at Dealslands and ask your questions and also can share vouchers on our website. Welcome and Enjoy.

  • Can I make use my existing id of yahoo, twitter, G mail, AOL or Open ID for logging into Dealslands?

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. But Dealslands now no longer supports the login from any social networking sites. If you have a password from previous account then you can log in to our website using the following link But if you haven’t built a password with us before but still you wish to log into your account here then just set up a new password. Go to the link “Forgot Password” . Type the email address connected to your social networking site and click on the send button. Redirect yourself to your email address and check your in box. We would have sent you an email providing the link of setting a new password, click on the reset password button, make a new password confirm it again and then save in the last. Your account is available again.

  • Why do I have to provide my Facebook information?

Do not worry. We ask for this information because we allow our users to login from their social networking websites on which they are already a registered member, also they would be saved from the hassle of creating a new password. By using Facebook you would be saved from the trouble of verifying your email address, because that alternative would be availed to you by our website. The process begins when from our sign up or Log in page you click on the Facebook button, you would see a pop up on the upside of the page, and it would ask you for your email address and your password of Facebook login account. Facebook would handle that pop up; it is just the question of security because Facebook wants to know that you are the real person and not someone else. And rest assured, Dealslands will not pry on your Facebook password.

  • Why my email id is asked to be verified again when I have already created my account with the existing id?

Dealslands believe in making its member’s details secured, this is the reason why we ask you to verify your email address. It will be a surety that no one else would be able to create their account with your email address. If you login with your Facebook then there is no need to get verified, reason being, Facebook is already verified with us.

  • I have a confusion between logging in and signing up, are they both different?

Yes there is. If you already have an account with us, then you just need to log in with your id and password, but if you are a new user then you need to sign up with us to create an account.

  • How do I log in into the website?

When you have finished creating your account, you will see a login button on the top right of the website pages. It is below the search button. You will be having an alternative of logging in with your Facebook account or your email id when a drop-down would be seen. You would be all set to enter into our page when you finish with selecting the method by which your account was created, enter through that and submit the necessary information. If by chance there are errors related to your email id or password then you will taken back to the login page where you would correct the mistakes.

  • OK, how do I logout now?

If you wish to logout then simply click the button of logout at the top right side of the page, it is located below the search button.

  • What do I do if I can’t remember my password? Also I have been receiving the message which says my password is incorrect.

Do not panic. Just follow these steps. There is a login button on the top right, click on that button. Then click on the link of forgot my password link which you will see in between the area of password and email of the login division. By clicking on this you will be directed to the page where you have to type your email address for your lost password. When your email is written click on the send button and check your in box. You would be having a mail to help you to reset your new password. There would be a button in your email which you need to click and it will take you to your account where finally you can reset your new password.

  • Help! I cannot remember my Facebook id or password!

You lost your Facebook account information or your id or password? Then you should just go to the Facebook page and use the link of forgot my password which comes beneath the password section.
I have logged into my Facebook account, but still I cannot see my time line, or my badges, why is it so?
Check again. Due to hurry for logging in, you must have typed the wrong password or email id, or the account might be different. If you wish to check on your email then go to the view profile link and click on that. It would be available on the upper right side of the page. Then your profile page would be opened simultaneously now go to the edit profile page and hey presto! There is your email address. Might be your problem is solved. But if you do not have any other alternate email id and you are still having problem the feel free to contact us by clicking here. Please specify your problem and we will redirect ourselves in giving you the suitable solution.

  • When I try to sign-up for an account, I received a message saying my E-mail ID has already been taken. How should I sign-up for an account now?

It may happen that you might have already created an account. Click on Login tab and after it click on ‘Forgot my password’ link located between E-mail and password. It will redirect you to a page where you can enter your E-mail ID for your forgotten password.

After entering your E-mail ID, click “send”, you will receive an E-mail with which you can reset your password. In case, if you don’t get the message or continue to receive the same message saying that your E-mail ID has been already taken, then contact us. When you contact us, remember to state your problem clearly and we will take follow-up with you to resolve the problem.

  • I clicked on certain link and still was not able to log-on. What should I do?

Ensure that you tried out multiple options. If you are using Twitter to log-in and if it is not working out, then try it with Yahoo or Google. If still the problem persists, contact us. You can discuss your problem with us and we will take follow-up with you to resolve the issue in the best possible way and as soon as possible.

  • I had an account with DealsLands before, but I want to start using the new login method? How can I do it?

If the E-mail ID, you use is same as address you use for Facebook login, then simply click on FB button upon sign-up and then follow the prompts thereafter (Note: DealsLands never sees your FB password). Upon confirmation from Facebook, you will be allowed to login to your account and will be allowed access to all your E-mail settings, points and badges.

  • You can start making use of new login system by entering E-mail address associated with your present account in sign-up page. On recognizing your E-mail ID, you would be asked to click on “Send an E-mail to verify.”

You will be redirected to a page that confirms that you have been sent a verification mail. Within the E-mail, there would be a button click on it and you would be taken to your account, where you will be able to create your new password. After having created new password, you will be able to log-on to your DealsLands account. You can now view all your points, badges and E-mail settings which would be waiting there for you.

  • How can I make changes in my personal information?

First of log-on to your account or you can click on “Profile”, if you are already logged onto your account. When you are in Profile page, click on Edit Profile and then you can be able to make changes to your personal information like address, contact number, E-mail address, etc.

  • Who all can see my personal information?

Whoever visits your profile online would be able to see certain information like name, gender, website, when you joined the community, bio, country and state. Excluding user name and when you joined the community, rest of the information is optional and will not be displayed in case if you have not provided the details.
E-mail Settings

  • How can I change my mail address?

To change your mail address, you need to first log-on to your account and click on “Profile”. If you are already logged in then directly click on Profile. You will be directed to profile page, then click on “edit profile”. You can now change your mail address by entering your new mail address and then click on “save changes”.

  • I’m facing problem in e-mail verification? How to solve it?

To verify your mail, please provide us with as much as information possible regarding the problem, you are encountering. For instance – you are not receiving E-mail. “The E-mail is completely blank.” It may happen also that when you click on button, it redirects you to wrong page. We will follow up with you to solve this issue at earliest.

  • I just got verification mail from DealsLands, but did not sign up the request for it. What should I do know?

You may have not if some other user might have requested this E-mail, but might have accidentally entered your E-mail ID.

  • How can I make changes in my E-mail settings?

Log-in to your account and then click on “Profile”. After having landed on Profile page, click on E-mail preferences and then you can now be able to make changes in your E-mail settings.

Password Issues :

  • How can I create new password?

If have not log-on to your account, click on Login tab first. After this, click on the link that describes “forgot my password”. You will be redirected to a page, where you will be asked to enter the E-mail ID connected with the password, you have forgotten. After having entered your E-mail ID, click on “send”. After this, you will receive a mail that will help you to reset your password.

If you are already logged on to your account, then click “Profile”. After this click on “Edit Profile”. Enter a new password and then confirm it by entering it for one more time in the second field just above the first time password field. Next, click on “Save Changes” and the new password entered by you will be set.

  • How to recover my lost password?

Its quite easy to recover your account password in case if you forget it. Just move to the top right section of any page and click on the login tab located exactly below the Search button. Clicking on forgot my password link situated amidst the email and password field of login section would redirect you to the relevant page where you could provide the preferred email address. Once we receive your email address, we would instantly generate an email regarding to help you in resetting the password. Clicking on the provided button in the email would forward you to your account where you could create your new password.

Account Deletion :

  • How to delete my account?

Click on the “Profile” on the upper right section of the page located just below the Search button. The next step is to click on “Edit Profile” where you would find “Delete Account” link listed at the bottom of the page. The account could be further conveniently deleted by clicking the “Delete Account” button.

Availing The Maximum of

What benefits would I gain after signing up for Best of DealsLands emails or voucher code details?
The Best of DealsLands emails provide the best offers of our website. Additionally the most exclusive offers available only with DealsLands of the website could be known through emails. Be the early bird to know about various ultimate deals or to shop certain stores by signing up to for our tailored email alerts. You also have the privilege to keep an eye upon the latest and the best deals posted to your favorite stores. In addition, you could also control the flow of emails which we send to you regarding new offers.

  • What’s the procedure to sign up for email newsletters and voucher code alerts?

If you wish to be updated with the latest offers and schemes, then subscribe to our newsletter and sign up to get the best offers. You could also fetch through emails. All you need is to provide your email address in the box which reads-“Get vouchers by email.” located at the right side of our DealsLands homepage.
To get updates from your favorite stores sign-up for email promo alerts on the offer page of each store.
Also, organize your subscriptions at Email Preference page, if you have signed up for a DealsLands account.
Is it mandatory that the received discount code via email should also be listed in the website? What if it is not there?
Yes, the promo code which is received via emails is also listed in the website. However if the received discount code has not been listed in the website then it would have had been removed because of invalidity of the voucher.

Queries By Merchants :

  • Being a merchant, why should I take interest in sharing voucher code?

DealsLands is one of the most popular sites due to the people who like to use it. Apart from that the merchants on our websites have been very well accredited by the users. We are highly dependable and authentic when it comes to the popularity rankings. Within a short span of time our site has earned incredible popularity due to its look and brand.
The users at DealsLands like to share the codes. This increases the scope of productivity of the merchants. As if there would be more vouchers with great offers, the merchant would have more development. Also the affect of non sharing of codes by the merchants could be easily seen with a drop in their sales.
Well, one of the most distinct features of our system is that if smaller merchants have premium offers they are sure to get on to the new heights.

  • How to add my online store or website?

If you wish to add your online store or website then you just need to fill this simple form (Hyperlink). If you are not available at our site then your store would be reviewed by our experts to analyze whether the store synchronizes with our site. Once if the store is found to be genuine, then it is added to the site along with posting the included promos. Other than that you could also add “Current Special Offers” only in the case if you are a member of affiliate network.

  • I couldn’t find my store on the website even after adding it? What would be the cause?

As a part of our standard and to offer quality service, we have grown slight strict regarding to create a store page on the DealsLands. Further if we found your store to be advantageous and lucrative regarding your offers, then your store gets the better scope to be listed in our website. It could take around 30 days for a store to appear on the website once it gets approved to be listed. Apart from this you also need to provide latest offers on regular time periods to keep your store listed on our website.

  • Why has been my store removed from site?

In order to provide a better experience to customers, DealsLands has taken a step to maintain and provide a better quality content. For this reason we took the tough decision of removing the store pages published on our website, which fall into the criteria of store page traffic, content duplication and the activation status of the store. Though once removed, your store page would not be active, but still your promos would be there in the database to review the content periodically.

  • How to add image or description to the store’s page?

In case of adding up an image or description through the use of which you would like to be featured, you could contact us with your ideas and suggestions. Our team would make the necessary updates.

  • How DealsLands boost up the sales?

The voucher code available on our websites are categorized by their communities. You could provide offer in order to view the progress of your vouchers. If the offer comes out to be prolific then you are sure to get into one of the best positions of our category list.
You also have the option to advertise the store across our site to get better publicity.