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10 Awful Bra Mistakes You’re Making & How To Fix Them

Bras are a complicated piece of the garment but yet prove out to the women’s best friends. It makes women look more attractive by giving that right support which your body needs. Right from puberty to the rest of her life, she wears this little garment almost every second. But these beneficial pieces of cloth would turn out to be your foe if you don’t opt for a correct size. They can create a lot of problems both physically and psychological. So here are few mistakes that you might be committing for a while and how to make peace with it.

10 Bra MistakesYourProbably Making

Choosing the right cup size which is wrong

This means, choosing the bra according to the cup size which is wrong. Cup sizes are not at all standard. For example, a 32D size can be smaller than a 32E size. Instead of going with the cup size, try figuring out the correct band size. The cup size would automatically come in place since the two of them are co-related.

Wearing one single bra for two consecutive days

You might have one bra which suits you in the best possible manner and henceforth it must your favorite but please don’t make a mistake of wearing it for two days in a single row. When you put on a bra, it’s elastic stretches, just like a muscle which is being pulled. And, if you pull it on for two days continuously, the garment would loose its elasticity and won’t be able to come into its original shape. Keep a gap of at least one day to help the elastic regain its strength.

Washing your bras with Woolite

People around you must have spread the rumors that Woolite is good for your delicate but they are actually suicidal for them. Woolite is made of a soft material such as wool(as the name suggests!). So you should never apply it on elastic as obviously, you want your bra to stay in shape. Instead of Woolite, go for a mild detergent and wash the bras in cold water.

Settling down for one bra for every outfit

No! Never ever do so! Every piece of cloth gives you a new look. Certain dresses require a perky shape while some others would require a bit lower and flatter look. Try different bras for each outfit to make sure that you’re pairing your outfit with the best possible bra. You can find a variety of bra for every occasion on Figleaves at Dealslands. Additionally, you can also find great deals and promo codes.

Bra Mistake

Resorting for the tightest hook

If you’re fastening the hook at the last, you’re bound to buy the wrong size. It is being mentioned that the elastic of the bra stretches thrice is the original size. So, always fasten the hook on the last.

Bras are the dearest thing for a woman and should be handled with utmost care. With proper selection and handling, you can get all your lingerie goals accomplished.

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