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10 Best Healthy Foods for Toddlers

We have so many options when it comes to healthy food for toddlers, baby-friendly food in the market, and the following laid out are the 10 most famous foods, recommended by doctors and expert nutritionists that stand out from the cluster and serves perfect toddler diet plan, packed with nutrition and calories.

Your toddler’s meal plan should be enriched with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to options in animal products, from the vegetarian sources of beans and lentils to the range of superfoods that are available in the market with essential nutrients,  and affordable can be easily prepared and is a delicious diet for your toddler.

Some of the foods can be proved to their first favorite foods and can be introduced as their first solid foods. Before introducing anything, we highly recommend arranging an appointment with your pediatrician about your baby’s status on solids, and what type of foods to introduce, and when. One can even introduce the foods, gradually at a time, or wait for some potential allergic reaction.


All the new moms and grandmothers are all about avocado as their kid’s first food and include it in your toddler’s meal plan. This buttery, omega-rich, good fat, fruit-vegetable is packed with healthy unsaturated fats that can help elevate brain development. With the fact, the composition of fats in avocados is somewhat similar to that of breast milk. To gather ideas for serving and include in your toddler’s diet plan, one can mash avocado with a fork, or can even make baby guacamole.


It is known as a good source of potassium, it is your one grab-and-go fruit, which can fill the tummy and contains vitamins B6 and C, calcium, and iron, and is the best food item to be included in your toddler’s diet plan.

Serving ideas to be included in your toddler’s meal plan is to make banana and mango puree. Or it can be prepared as a smoothie, with banana puree and whole-milk yogurt, and is considered as the healthiest food for your toddler.


Blueberries - Healthy Foods for Toddlers

Blueberries exude antioxidants. This blue-colored berry comes with flavonoids and can protect your baby’s eyes, brain and even protect your toddler’s urinary tract.

To be included as one of the fruits in the healthy food for your toddler, blend or mash blueberries well and swirl a spoonful of the juicy purple puree into the yogurt and let your baby enjoy the taste.


This vegetable contains fiber, a section of folate, and calcium, which help to ward off cancer. One can introduce their baby to the broccoli’s bold flavor early and expect to expand his taste with encouragement for a lifelong love of green vegetables and healthy food for your toddler.

Steam until soft, cut into pieces small enough for your child to eat safely, and then chill. Steaming takes the bite out of broccoli, and some babies prefer the texture and taste when it’s cold.


Lentils - Healthy Foods for Toddlers

Beans and other legumes have lots of lean protein and fiber. But, it is not like larger beans, the little lentils now then simmer into a pleasing mush which makes it perfect for the baby to bite and taste. It is cost affordable and is one of the healthiest foods for your toddler and can be included in the meal plan for the toddler.


Do you know? lack of iron can lead to anemia. The researchers of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend meat in your toddler’s diet plan because of its rich protein content, as well as zinc and iron, with specifics like red meat or dark poultry meat. With that, babies can take iron more easily from meat than from iron-fortified cereals. If your baby is new to the solids, try the easy turkey or chicken puree recipe. As they get older, then introduce them to new flavors and chicken curry with green beans and zucchini.


Prunes - Healthy Foods for Toddlers

Also known as “dried plums,” these humble fruits don’t sound glamorous – but they’re soft, sweet, and full of fiber. Its qualities aid digestion and avoids constipation helps in keeping things moving. One can serve pureed prunes alone and can be mixed with other foods, such as oatmeal, cereal, for a naturally sweet treat in the diet of your toddler.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato - Healthy Foods for Toddlers

Sweet potatoes are one of the more popular first food for babies, who tend to like both their sweetness and texture. These colorful root vegetables are packed with beta-carotene, vitamin C, and minerals, including iron and copper. Serve sweet potato puree alone or swirled into pureed chicken or turkey.

Winter squash

Winter squash Healthy Foods for Toddlers

Orange hard fleshed winter squash such as butternut, acorn, and pumpkin boast many benefits, they’re exceptionally rich in beta-carotene and great for the eyes. Natural sweetness and a creamy texture add to the appeal of winter varieties. One can roast a winter squash like butternut, scoop out the flesh and puree it for easy fast food. As your baby gets older, introduce new flavors and textures in the diet plan of your toddler.


Yogurt Healthy Foods for Toddlers

Yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamin D, a must for healthy bones and teeth. Your baby can have it at 4 to 6 months and a healthy addition to your toddler’s meal plan. You can choose plain yogurt without any sugar. Make sure you pick up whole-milk yogurt – babies need the calories from fat.

Yogurt is fine on its own, or swirl in pureed berries or other fresh fruit, or mashed avocado.

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