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10 Innovative ideas for giving meaningful gifts to loved ones

As an adult, you eventually realize that giving gifts, souvenirs or flowers is becoming a waste. For those of you who are on budget can do more than just gifting! Moreover, it will not cost you any penny! Look at these 10 free and meaningful gifts to give your loved ones this season.

1.Baked goodies

You can bake some goodies and serve them hot from the oven! A red velvet cup cake, strawberry mousse with Meringue hearts, chocolate chip cookies or extensive home cooked dinner can be given.

2.Home-made gifts

Instead of buying gifts, you can opt to make them yourself like self-painted card, rose petals potpourri or home-made body scrubs etc.

3.Write a letter

Write a letter saying how much you love your dear ones and let them know reasons for it. That will surely make his or her day as everyone likes to be praised.

4.Love coupons

You can create romantic and creative coupons for foot massage, romantic dinner, cuddling time for your husband, treasure hunt leading to you. You can include With Love from discount codes for a complimentary together time.

5.Photo/memento book

You can select memorable photos from computer and memory cards and put them together in photo book. Do not forget to include meaningful mementos like movie tickets or love notes!

6.Go for a walk together

You can spend some time together alone by going on long walk or long drive. You can re live your old days.

7.Say cheese

Posing for crazy pictures can be fun and unforgettable. These priceless photos can be seen later in life to re live those moments.

8.Home stitched rug

You can select few pictures of your loved ones, get them printed on small pieces of clothes and stitch a personalized rug! This will remain with them forever and they can see and feel it every night while sleeping.

9.Mix tape

You can make a mix tape that includes all the favourite songs of your loved ones. You can also make exclusively romantic songs mix tape.

10.Hot water bath with essential oils

Nothing beat a warm relaxing water bath at the end of a stressful day and adding essential oils like Clary sage, lavender, and sandalwood makes it truly a blissful experience.

Hence, if you want to make someone the most happy, spend your time on doing stuff with or for them, rather than buying stuff for them.

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