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10 Simply Splendid Easter Traditions From Around Britain

If we have to say in George R. R. Martin’s language- “Easter is coming and every year, it brings joy, love and family get-togethers with it. Easter is one of the most important festivals in the UK and is celebrated with much enthusiasm and love. It is the day when, according to the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead happened after the third day of his crucifixion.

Generally, the Eastertide starts from the day of Easter and continues for one week. In 2018, Easter is falling on the 1st April exactly after The Good Friday. In Britain, there are many superlative Easter traditions celebrated by Christians and these traditions reflects the true nature of the Easter and teachings of Jesus.

Simply Splendid Easter Traditions

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of these traditions that are celebrated in Britain.

The Nutter’s Dance, Lancashire

The Nutter's Dance

One of the most notorious Easter celebrations happens in Bacup and how wonderful it is! The faces of the men are blackened up and they are dancing in a rhythm to celebrate the win of good over evil. The celebrations take place on the Easter Sunday and it is an odd parade that is led by a man called Whiffler or Whipper-In. It is conducted to drive out the evil spirits from our mind, body, and soul. The reason why the faces are blackened is to protect the dancers from the demons. If you are visiting Lancashire, you should visit this festival without fail.

Egg Jarping, North East England.

Egg Jarping

This tradition is different than others and quite interesting too. Here, two hard-boiled eggs are tapped against each other to check out which one survives. Will you believe that they actually organise such Egg Jarping competitions in North East England? Well, it is true. You don’t have to visit there, you can have some fun with your loved ones at your home too. All you need is a basket full of boiled eggs and that is all.

Bottle Kicking, Leicestershire

Bottle Kicking

How about winning all the available booze while showcasing your football skills? That is what the villagers of Hallaton and neighbouring Medbourne do for the last 200 years on every Easter. However, the football is replaced with a bottle. All members of the teams kick bottles towards its village and the one who kicks far stream than their rivals wins all the booze available. Presence of orthopaedic surgeons is common on the battlefield as broken bones are no surprises there. It is celebrated with much exuberance and passion.

Simnel Cake, Nationwide.

Simnel Cake

Do you remember the 12 apostles of Jesus? The Simnel cake is made in the memories of these 12 apostles and it is actually a cake that is decorated with 11 or 12 marzipan balls and distributed among loved ones. They serve Simnel cake on the middle Sunday of Lent when the people break their fasts. Since medieval times, the Simnel cake is decorated in such manner.

Morris dancing, in villages nationwide.

Morris dancing

There are many festivities performed to welcome the spring from all hearts, but Morris Dancing is the best amongst all. You will find a group of dancers in white uniforms, belts and wooden sticks performing the choreographed dance. It is practiced across the UK since the 15th century and let me tell you, it is fun to watch them performing elegantly.

Egg Rolling, Lancashire.

Egg Rolling

Now, this is what children love. How about egg rolling from the top to the bottom and check out whose egg survives throughout the journey? Well, Preston Council in Lancashire organises annual Easter Egg Rolling Race and it is attended in large numbers. It is organized on every 1st April. However, there are fewer chances for your egg to survive, what do you think?

Maypole Festivals, Nationwide.

Maypole Festivals

Now, this is a pure festival where you will find dance, decoration, and culture. Maypole festivals never disappoint you as they are full of life and celebration. A group of dancers celebrates new life by wrapping a wreathed pole. You should unquestionably visit it at least once in your lifetime.

Easter Parades, Nationwide

Easter Parades

In every town in the UK, Easter parades are organised and you should always participate a local parade on the Easter Monday. Children make paper bonnets at school and showcase their creativity in such local parades. Furthermore, participants wear new clothes this day as it is considered lucky. You can save some money by availing offers and discount code while buying fashion clothes & accessories online.

Maundy Money, nationwide

Maundy Money

You must have remembered the famous tale of Jesus and his disciples where Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and others were given away their subjects a foot bath. On a Maundy money is a grateful act by the leaders of Christian countries by handing over the money to the needy and performed other community welfare acts.

Every year, the Queen offers purses of coins to elders who have worked tremendously for the welfare of the community and society. This event is held at Thursday, a day before Good Friday.

Jack in the Green, nationwide

Jack in the Green

You must know Jack who is a foliage covered man and a leader of Morris dancers, passing through your village or town on Mayday and at Easter. It was actually a ritual called Bawdy that was forgotten a long ago but has been revived since last 40 years.

Over To You:

Easter is all about fun, love, gratitude and spreading happiness. If you have people around you who need the help of any kind, help them and you are, in turn, helping yourself by being a grateful son of the God.

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