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10 Tips To Shop Smart This Christmas By Saving Money

When we were young, we used to go for the last minute shopping during the festive season. It gave us the thrill of celebrations. Going to the crowded malls during the week of Christmas gave us all those holiday spirit.

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We only realize these blunders when we grow up. Now we have understood that it is better to avoid going shopping during the festive time, especially during the month of December. So, the best way to shop is to start early, this way you will be able to save money and time.

So let’s go through the tips, that will help you to have a smart shopping this festive season by saving time and money.

# 1: Make a complete list of people whom you want to gift this Christmas. This includes people like your maid, babysitter, mail person apart from your family members and friends. Sticking to the list is now more important than making it. Apart from that, get some generic gifts too. This will save you from spending more on the return gifts that you need to give back on the gifts that you were not expecting. This way you will be saved from the last minute rush.

# 2: Decide on a budget and make sure that you stick to it. You must make it clear that your budget is with or without discounts. Like for example, if your budget for a toy is ₤50, so are you planning to get a ₤50 toy for a discount of ₤30 or you are planning to get £70 toy for a discount of £50. You need to be sure about it at the beginning itself.

# 3: Take out all the gifts that you have at home and plan to re-gift it to the people, just make sure that you don’t end up gifting it to the person who had gifted it to your earlier.

# 4: Go for the gift cards. Check out your purse and drawers for gift cards. You can also look out for the credit points that you have on the cards and use them this festive season.

# 5: Many sites come with deals for experience gifts. So why not try out them instead of any material gifts. Make sure you go through all the terms and conditions and expiry date before gifting it to your loved one. You can get better deals for the same at Dealslands, so make sure you visit it once before finalizing the deal.

# 6: In case you are planning to shop from a mall, make sure to get printable vouchers online first before you start shopping. It can be said that everything on the store goes on discounts.

# 7: There are sites that give out flash sales. Going for them is good, but you need to compare the deals with that on the other sites. Moreover getting free shipping facility is something that you cannot ignore.

# 8: Going for handmade gifts are a good idea as they reflect your love and care for the person whom you are planning to gift it. Before you go for that make sure you calculate the total cost of the project as you need to be on the budget. You can even give away the whole work to somebody and get it done for you.

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# 9: There are some stores that give away vouchers that you will get when you spend a certain amount at the store. So you can go for them and shop more at a lesser rate.

# 10: Suppose everything else fails and you are left with few days for Christmas to shop, then don’t worry. Take your laptop, relax on your bed and shop online at various stores. You are sure to get some better deals this time.

Hope these tips will help you to shop wisely this Christmas. We would love to hear from you, so if you have anything else to share with us, come forward and share your ideas.

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