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10 Ways Freelancers Can Set Up a Home Office

It can take time and effort to set up your home office depending on the amount of space in your home. As you spend 40 – 50 hours a week at home working with clients online or in person, your workspace needs to be comfortable. If you are a freelance photographer, it is ideal to have a home that has a professional appearance to add images of your studio when creating a professional website.

Think of Your Business Needs

A room with natural light, a telephone outlet, a reliable internet connection in a quiet place in your home will help you stay focused. If you have a family, it is essential to share your daily work schedule to avoid interruptions. If you invite clients to your home, a comfortable sofa in your waiting room can create an office environment.

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Living Space vs. Office 

Your work office should not be in your bedroom or living room because you will be distracted. If you can set up your work chair and desk in a place that is not close to your television, video game station or other forms of entertainment, it will improve work productivity.

Stay Tax Compliant 

According to Gov.UK, In the UK, if you have four rooms in your place of residence and use one room for business, you can deduct electricity with specific requirement met. The additional home expenses you can add on a tax deduction includes heating, mortgage interest, and rent.

Design Your Home with Vibrant Colors 

It is convenient to fall asleep while working at home accidentally. It is your sanctuary; a comfortable place where you can be yourself. We recommend you use springtime or vibrant colors in your office to keep you awake. You will be alert, and it can help you feel energized in the winter season as you work. 

Set Up Healthy Plants

Flowers, a cactus or plants, in general, can add life to your home office. You can add a pot of flowers to scent the room and a hanging plant to add style to the interior design. It is proven fact that houseplants can clean your air and enhances concentration. 

Inspiring Art

You can add inspirational artwork that has motivational quotes from your favorite artist. If you have a budget, you can buy a canvas and paint words of success to keep you uplifted. Your favorite artist in your community can customize a few small pieces. When you add positive content to your room, it will remind you how special you are when you feel discouraged.


Ergonomic Friendly Home 

The ergonomic rules that apply at work should be used in a home office. The laptop or computer screen must be at eye level to avoid slouching your back or feeling tension on the shoulders while typing.

The forearms need to be at the same height as the keyboard. Your chair should be adjusted to provide space for feet to rest on a footrest or comfortably on the floor. If you have a limited budget, visit a furniture warehouse for discounted rates on office chairs. 

Minimalism is Essential 

A clutter free office will keep your mind free of distraction. To reduce costs on office supplies, visit thrift shops for furniture, 99 cent stores for pens and notebooks and be comfortable with the idea of purchasing refurbished equipment.

The room you select needs space to add a printer, reference books and a cupboard to place documentation.

If you own a small home, search for item fixtures on the wall that offer storage space for additional equipment. 

Multiple Offices 

Do own a large home? An office upstairs and in the basement can be beneficial for freelancers that have children. If you have a separate entrance to the cellar for visitors and clients to walk into, it can reduce the chance of embarrassing moments of the family in the home as you conduct business. 

If you own a guest house on your property, speak to an accountant to see if it qualifies as at home office space. This space away from the main entrance of your home can present professionalism and privacy. 

Final Home Office Advice 

A home office is an extension of the representation of a business. It must be clean at all times in the event a potential client visits you at an unexpected time. We recommend providing the family with your work schedule to avoid interruptions when the concentration is needed to complete assignments. 

The office needs to adhere to safety compliance of an office in the home with access to a window for clean air and sunlight that will improve well being.

Depending on your line of work, you can be creative and personalize the space to impress customers. The quality of the office will project the quality of how you conduct business.

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