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12 Tips for Saving Money on Kids Birthday Parties

It’s your child’s birthday and you want your kid to give him all happiness. If you are planning to throw your beloved child a birthday party to remember but are concerned about the budget or have some budget constraint, then fret not, it’s not always about the extravagant birthday party decorations and arrangement, props or theme-based parties. A small, cosy and well set up arrangement can also make a lot of difference and will help in bringing your child that million dollar smile.

If you are looking for a birthday party ideas and arrangements, you can venture out on indoor amusement props like a bouncing house, trampoline or a low-key theme that is mandated by all. You don’t have to compromise on fun and enjoyment when  you use these money-saving techniques on your kid’s next birthday.

Looking for affordable birthday party ideas for an awesome party? We got your back. Follow these amazing tips that will help you in sticking to a budget at you next party.

Kids Birthday Parties ideas

#1 Choose the right time

Always choose the right slot, this will help you in selecting the right kind of theme, decoration and props. Kids are done with their lunches and planning your between 2pm to 5pm will help you in arranging snacks and drinks where guests are not expecting a full course meal.

#2 Always plan

It is important to make a schedule for every party supply, as you are not shopping last minute. When you hunt early, it will give you time to compare prices between two items. With this, you can also opt for getting  voucher codes or offers that will make supply shopping, a little bit cheaper.

#3 Make a budget

It is important to carefully consider how much your budget is, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your child’s party. Think of a figure and stick to it, never bend your figure for stuff like party decorations and props. Go for something neutral, that can be used at other times as well.

#4 DIY

This is something that needs prior planning and ample of time. It is a fun activity to do on your child’s birthday event that saves money and increases bond with your kids. Although paper, colour sticks and glue will cost your money but this creative process will create memories and experience.

#5 Ask for help

Always involve your friends and families, this way, all your arrangements are done with the help of your members, let alone burning hole in your pocket. Your friend can be the mascot or a child’s fun person to play with, or best, a balloon twister or a face painter. Borrow a bounce house from your friend or arrange a potluck, as your party theme and ask friends to bring over food and drinks.

Kids Birthday Parties

#6 Digital Invites

Gone are the days of traditional paper, printing and designing invitation cards for your child’s birthday party. Create an e-vite and invite people for the party. Thus saving money on printing and paper.

#7 House Party

Why go and rent a place at a hotel or theme park, when you can take inspiration from Pinterest and decorate your backyard in some fun pastel tassels and balloons? With a little decoration, you can turn a living room or your garage, into an amazing party place.

#8 Avoid party store traps

Party stores are meant to sell the same stuff, double the price. You can easily buy the same chocolates from a normal, regular store than from the party store.

#9 Go out of the lane

You don’t always have to party with all people around, simply spend an outing or picnic with family and opt out from traditional birthday party methodology.

#10 Sync activity as a party favour

Arrange an activity like cake decoration or candle making, this automatically becomes as a party favour without spending money on it.

#11 Go online

Traditional stores are little costlier than online stores. Choosing wholesale websites can help you in saving money in party decorations and party favours.

#12 No cost activities

Embrace activities like movie charades, dancing, three legged race amongst many. Instead of hiring an entertainer or renting a huge extravagant prop, these physical activities will engage your child for long hours.

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