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15 Affordable Gifts for this Father’s Day

15 Affordable Gifts to Celebrate This Father’s Day

Father’s day is around the corner and you might be wondering how to make it special for your dad. I find it extremely difficult to shop for my dad, as he doesn’t talk much about his likes and dislikes.

This time I wanted to do something special and win the title of favourite daughter of the year. So, I asked my mother and searched for the father’s day gift ideas online.

Read further to get started with the list:

1. A monogrammed genuine leather wallet or phone case

Phone Case

If you want to add a personal touch to his gift, monogrammed leather wallet or phone case is an amazing option. In this, you won’t need to put much effort and your dad will certainly use this on a daily basis. You can find many vendors online who provide high-quality leather and spot-on engraving.

2. Personalized watch stand

Personalized watch stand

If your dad is fond of watches, present him with a personalized watch stand. You can add a personal touch by engraving his name or a quote or a phrase. Make sure you are ordering this ahead of time as this could take days to get prepared.

3. Letter to my dad

Letter to my dad

If you don’t have a budget to buy a personalized gift yet want to make it special. How about a letter? You can buy the letter kit to customize it according to the situation so that he can open it at a particular scenario or mood. For instance, the cover letter is named to read this when he misses you. This is the best gift if you don’t live with your dad.

4. 10-in-1 bartender tool

My dad loves to make the cocktail and every weekend he experiments with the flavour. I am planning to gift him a 10-in-1 bartender tool to make sure he has everything in one place.

5. City map glass

If your dad prefers to carry his own glass while travelling then I have a fantastic gift for you. Get a whiskey glass engraved with maps of cities. You can find it in stores or get it customized.

6. Homemade cake and card

Homemade cake

If you want to provide something more aesthetic, bake a cake for your dad. Also, you can make a card to add a touch of personalization to your gift. This way you can show your father how special he is for you. If you stay away from your dad, you send him a personalized card and flowers with the help of Moonpig.

7. Personalized memory and sympathy gifts

You can also get your dad a photo printed mug or a pillow from Bonusprint. Or make him a memory book where you will be able to showcase memories of you and your father.

8. The beard bib hair clippings catcher

You might have often seen the clumps of shaven hair scattered in the bathroom. This father’s day present your dad with beard hair catcher which can be worn like an apron. So, there won’t be any clogging or mess.

9. Home mini

Get him a home mini if he likes to be up-to-date with the latest technology. This is not a very expensive and is available in multiple price range so you can get it in your budget.

10. Natural sliced dyed agate coaster

Your science lover dad will feel overwhelmed with your handpainted coaster. Your mom will love it too. Besides, you can choose another design as per your father’s interest.

11. Headphones


We all need headphones to entertain ourselves in free time. Hence, gifting your dad a set of it will be a cool and worthy investing idea.

12. Fitbit smartwatch

Is your dad trying to accomplish any fitness goal? If yes, gift him the latest Fitbit smartwatch to motivate him. This will remind him to take extra effort to achieve its goal and tracking the achievement will make it more fun.

13. Bistro electric coffee grinder

If your dad is an avid coffee drinker, buy him an electric coffee grinder. This way he will have the freshly brewed coffee every morning and make him feel how much you care about his likes.

14. Grooming Kit

Like your mother, treat your dad too with grooming products. You can subscribe to one of the popular grooming product and ensure cool products delivered to your father every month.

15.Customized tie clips

We know the best dad. So, let’s give them their tag. You can gift them No. 1 dad engraved tie clip. This is a sweet reminder to your dad for how much you love him.


I hope you were able to relate with some of the above-mentioned gift ideas for this father’s day. Whether you live at home with your parents or at another place, put that extra effort to make him feel overwhelmed with your love.

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