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15 Gifts to Entertain Kids And Toddlers On Easter

As they say, Easter is not a festival of adults, it is for kids and kids simply love it like anything. They start planning for the Easter weeks before and are really enthusiasts about it. Creating uniquely designed Easter eggs, baskets and bunnies are what drives them and it is a great sight to see them doing all funny activities. You might go down to the memory lane to visit those childhood memories you had with your Easters. You can relive those memories by celebrating the Easter with your toddlers and let me tell you, it will be a roller-coaster ride for you.

Easter is all about gifting and your kids would be expecting gifts from you as you used to expect from your parents. What to gift to your child? Don’t even think about flowers and chocolates, there are many occasions you will find in a year to gift them those typical things. Easter is all about working on your creative side and while choosing a gift for your kid, be smart and creative.

In fact, there are many websites that might help you out to buy a perfect gift for your kid on this Easter. There are many online toys stores that have a wide range of creative Easter gifts available. In fact, you can save a great amount of money by redeeming discount coupons and deals there. It will work, unquestionably.

15 Gifts to Entertain Kids and Toddlers on Easter

If you don’t have any clue what to choose for your kid as an Easter gift, let us help you out. Go through these highly creative and impressive gift list and you will find one that your kid would love.

  • Embroidered Bunny Basket

It will surely bring the smile on your toddler’s face as it is a uniquely designed animated Easter bunny basket Lighted Yard Art Decoration piece. The bunny moves up and down from the basket and it looks lovely. Just buy it and have fun.

  • My Audio Pet Chick-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

If your kid loves music and dances on tunes, this audio pet Chick-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is a perfect addition to your Easter addition. It can be connected to the Bluetooth with any tech devices and it will play some favorite tunes too. It is compact and can fit in your kid’s pocket too. An indeed a great musical gift to give over!

  • JCPenney Home Metallic Bunny Square Throw Pillow

Cushions and pillows are excellent gifts that are loved by kids and these pillows are used by kids either to sit or sleep.

Kids And Toddlers On Easter

  • Hatchimals Basket

Now it is unique and creative and adventurous! It has six pastel and ombre-coloured eggs hidden in the basket and kids would love to explore them. Furthermore, the characters have names and homes too in the nests. Kids can completely correlate with a gift.

  • LEGO Painting Easter Eggs Set

Kids love challenges and it is a time that you gift him/her something that put their creativity at stake. How about LEGO Painting Easter Eggs Set that has 153 pieces to build a kitchen and a garden. It also has a paintbrush, a palette, a wall clock and a pot. Let builders inside them work to solve the puzzle.

  • Woodland Nightlight

This woodland nightlight is perfect for the kid’s room and will keep functioning well even after the Easter weekends. It offers a little extra light and superior ambiance to the hall, not to forget comfort and convenience.

  • Easter Bunny Soap Peeps

These bunny soap peeps are exactly like Easter eggs and children will always remember to wash their hands with these soaps. So the time of reminders is over.

  • IELLO Bunny Kingdom Strategy Board Game

For older ones, kids ages 14 and older, it is a game they would love to explore. It has a clan of plastic bunnies and kids would build a kingdom with such plastic bunnies. It is a funny as well as a challenging game to play and kids would love it. Easter fun with some brain-storming moments, a perfect combination!

  • Easter Adult Coloring Books

It is a full family gift that has 30 pages with different drawings and you can colour them when you want an escape from your routine life. It has outlines of eggs, flowers and bunnies and kids would love to colour them with their colour combinations. It also has a pack of coloured pencils and markers.

  • Best Eggs: Clear Slime Crystal Putty

Six plastic bags, all of them filled with soft slime will make your kids run with excitement. The slime is peppered with small beads and pearls and looks astonishing and brilliant. However, you need to ensure that your kids don’t just eat the slime.

  • My Own Name Pillowcase

A pillow with a printed name of your kid is the best gift you can ever give to your kids. It will be a proud moment to see the sight when you unwrap the gift in front of the kid. A truly marvelous gift to give!

  • My Snuggle Bunny Book

How about gifting a storybook to your kids who will write stories and incidents with their tiny hands. The topping on the cake is that it can be personalized too with your kid’s name.

  • Simply Charming Children’s Bible

The New King James Version Bible is a unique gift to give to your kid. It is easy to read and comprehend and would grow some auspicious values in your kid’s brain.

  • Sea Sparkles Mermaid

If you have a girl child, you can gift her a sea sparkles mermaid that has multi-coloured shimmer and sparkle fabrics. Your girl would fall in love with such mermaids that look beautiful and charming.

  • Sparkle & Shine Backpack

How about a perfectly crafted backpack for your kid to carry on her own? It is beautiful, dashing and charming just like your kid and she would love to roam around with it on her shoulders.


Easter gifts are fun to give and children always expect something far more creative and unique gifts from their parents. You can always save while buying online with where you will find discount coupons to redeem at online gift stores. Have a happy Easter!

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