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3 Kinds of Bag Every Men Should Possess

You have the best wardrobe with all the essentials, including shoes and belt. However, one fine day you find out that there’s still something missing. The missing thing is the right bag for both lifestyle and personal style. No matter how right you are in your dressing, the bag game will likely let you down.

Mens Bag

It’s a fact that choosing the right bag could often be confusing and intimidating. There are numerous colours, styles and sizes to choose from. With so many things to consider, it could be hard to know where you could start, or even when to finish.  In addition to that, there should be a certain practicality, functionality, and masculinity in your bag. Also, it has to serve the purpose for your day out.

Top 3 Bags For Men

Without more discussion, here are 3 kinds of bags a man could do with and should be the companion in various journey.

1. The Duffel Bag/Holdall


If there are any doubts, this is the bag that you should go with as it performs multiple functions on a daily basis with an element of style. It’s ideal for a gym goer who want to keep all the gear on hand. It is also a perfect accessory for weekender who carry-on exclusively. Pick up a medium size made up of leather in brown colour as it is looks more versatile.

2. The Briefcase

Duggle Bag

Yes, this is the word that could be dreadful for most of the men. However a new breed of briefcase has arrived. These new versions are sleeker, slimmer, making them ideal for the modern executive guy who just needs to carry his laptop and some papers.

3. The Backpack


This is the best bag for those who like to keep their hands-free, want minimal fuss and is surprisingly capable of holding a fair amount of stuff. It is also the ideal choice for a sartorial student, a casual man or an everyday biker.

Conclusion So, here you have it guys. 3 bags that I believe every man should have in their collection for various walks in their lives. Check out various online deals including the working class heroes discount code and get the best deals on your selected bag.

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