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3 Perfect And Fantastic Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on its way, and most of us may find it difficult to come up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Chocolates and flowers are evergreen gifts, but if you are looking for something that breaks away the traditional gifts, but cannot find one, here are three of the best gift ideas you can never go wrong with.

Consider one of the amazing gift, and you can be sure that your mum will be delighted this Mother’s day.

#1 Mother’s Day Personalised Calendar :

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Mother’s Day gift need not to be expensive in order to be effective. For the same cost as a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, you could buy a present that would last the whole year, and it would not cost you much with Mother’s day special deals.

A personalised calendar is a perfect way to say “I Love and appreciate you” all year long. Personalised calendars come in different sizes, and you can choose the one that you think where your mum will put. Practical as well as pretty, personalised calendar is one of the best gifts.

Personalising the gifts make them even more special. It will make your mom feel that you have gone an extra mile to choose a gift, rather than picking up something from the mass-produced. You can recall the memories of last year, and represent it on the each page of the calendar months.

#2 Health Spa Pass :


We all need some rest after a whole week at work, but mothers work 24 x 7, without any rest, regardless of holidays and weekends. This mother’s day, give her a day off, and take her to the health spa. A pass to a health spa is the ideal present to give your mum because it will not only allow her to relax, but you will also get to spend leisure time with her.

Not only your mom will enjoy unlimited relaxation time in a pool, a bubble jet, a whirlpool spa, steam and sauna rooms, but lunch are included as well. Some spa centres give discounts if you book treatments in advance, and you may also get extra discounts on this Mother’s day, so that you can be sure that your day will be relaxing, both physically and mentally.

#3 Dear Mum – From You to Me Journal :


This may sound a little strange, but this can be one of the excellent Mother’s Day gifts that appeals to you. It is a gift for your mom that is actually for you. This journal is a great idea. It has total sixty questions with each question presented as a header and the rest of the page is required to be filled by your mother.

So, if you are eager to know how was your mother like when she was younger, how she met your father, what she liked, what traits you had that you still possess today, and so on, this journal makes an outstanding gift.

Why not consider filling this journal together with your mom on this special day. Grab a cup of tea, go through the book, recall the memories and fill in together. Moments like this last a lifetime.               

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