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3 Place to Visit in Berlin for History & Art Lover

Berlin is worldwide reputation for education and culture, it’s a good place for travellers. It will provide you a great opportunity to see the history very closely. There are many things to see that appeal young people. It will be good to know about the film industry, dramatic cold war, art movements. It has wide curriculum appeal, as well as you will be a secure and fun place for students to explore.

Visit in Berlin for History

You must visit the great museums, interesting attractions that will be wonderful in Berlin. For perfect knowledge of place you must hire a guide that informs and tell you about everything.

Here are some most important place that you must visit if you are in Berlin.

Reichstag :

Image Courtesy : The Pinnacle

The Reichstag is one of the best place to visit in Berlin it is a building located in the central Berlin, it has a long and amazing history, for students it provides a great opportunity to know and study tour with the eventful past of the city. It was built in 1894. It was the highest seat of power in the German empire,  It came to fame for a very different reason in 1933. When an arson, assault on the structure played a key role in the political progress of the Nazi Party.

Brandenburg Gate :

Brandenburg Gate

The history of Berlin in the last hundred years is really not possible to ignore. The change occurred In the twentieth century of Berlin is very important to know. For its economy,culture, politics, knowing the history of the city and historical place is very important. For that visiting the Brandenburg Gate is vital.

The Museum Island :

The Museum Island

You must visit the museum of Berlin, one of the best place to visit for museum lover is Museumsinsel. You will feel like you are at museums island. The Museum and the Neus museum the bode museum, the Pergamon museum of architecture is really good.

If you are excited to visit such places use Berlin pass promo code and enjoy visiting wonderful places of Berlin.

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