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5 Best Tips to Make Your House Smell Good

We understand that freshness seeks out the best in us and our panel of experts are channeling out the easiest ways to discard the funk and steep in the freshness.

We know you want the fresh smell to linger, far and wide, isn’t this better? If you looking for solutions in order to, “how to keep your house smelling good all the time?”, we have solutions for:

If the stats are to be believed, the smell is the most powerful sense of humans, be it good fragrance or the bad smell, lingering in the space tells us a lot about your home or the ambiance. Sometimes, the fragrance around, induce or revoke the feel of eating, romance or just about sitting together. Even when it comes to our homes, if the smell is raw, fresh and exerts out positive vibes, it is considered a great sign. And when the smell is bad, and when it makes us squeeze our nose, we feel uneasy.

The secret to a nose-friendly space isn’t just to sprinkle the fragrance over the pillars and walls and cover the stink with the fragrance on the top.

“A clean and fresh home should smell like nothing or longer that doesn’t irk the senses of smell, says the fragrance expert. For people who usually get overwhelmed by too much fragrance (be it a good smell or bad), or are allergic to certain fragrance, or suffering from asthma, some solutions may help in neutralizing bad odors.

But people who love a lingering, fresh, raw and subtle smell as an ambient smell, these ideas are you:

How to tackle the bad smell naturally, and make your house smell fresh.

Deal with the immense moisture

Expert says moisture is the number one cause of all the household odors. When should consider purchasing a hygrometer and test each room to test the functioning of each moisture rate. Discovering a room with humidity above the rate of 60%, one can even consider using a dehumidifier. When needed, in case of over moisture, one can run more than one dehumidifier, but one must state into the fact that these us a lot of: It is advisable to start with one and see its working and functionality. If you are looking for tips to fresh smelling homes, humidifier should top the list.

If you reside in a humid climate, try to avoid carpeting in wall-to-wall style or rugs, these types of coverage can trap moisture, especially in the areas of kitchen and bathroom. One must consider keeping the moisture-absorbing crystals in compact areas that usually get damp, like bathrooms and side closets. Keep an eye on excess sources of micro moisture, like sponges and towels. Replace sponges at least every one to two weeks, ensure clean towels are fully dry before folding and putting them away and one can hang bath mats over the shower rod to keep them dry.

Seek out the obvious

Litter spots like dust boxes, garbage cans, beds of the pets, and piles of diapers can induce funky smells. You might think, it is obvious, but unfortunately, the more time one spends around these things, the less likely one realizes that the storage of funky stuff, realizes smell.“

This phenomenon is called sensory adaptation, and then coming to the senses, this sensation of  “nose blindness” is also adaptive, because when regular smells fade into the background and an unfamiliar scent pops up (like smoke), one notices it more. But this can also mean that the stuff stinks and one doesn’t even indicate the shade about it. One should note a motive of proactiveness and consider the importance of it. Keeping a bin of kitty litter at the bottom of the pail can absorb the smell. Laundering the beds of the pets regularly, and scooping the litter box every day will help you to seek the sections. And if one can try to use small garbage pails in your home so you’re forced to take out the trash more regularly.

Try to clean soft surfaces.

If you spill and it dries or the spill gets wiped away, the odor causes odor-causing bacteria can still stay behind. In carpets, a missed stain can lead to mold or mildew. The manufacturer recommends stovetop potpourri to have a natural remedy or have a professional steam-clean your upholstery and carpets once a year. Always remember there are certain items best left to a pro to ensure the job gets done right.

It’s not just about candle

It’s not about scented candles that are likely the most popular way to add fragrance to a home, and if you love them, stick with what you know—just use one or two at a time to avoid going overboard. Diffusers are easily customizable in a way candles aren’t, you can combine your favorite essential oils to create a scent that’s perfectly you.


It is not just about candles, sprays and room fresheners that mask the smell of your house or surroundings, it is more or less, a deep clean attitude and management to naturally have a fresh smelling house.

Hope the above listers help you in collecting tips to fresh smelling homes.

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