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5 Humorous April Fool’s Day Pranks and Ideas

April fool’s day is one of those days that is meant to be free to have all the fun and pleasurable activities. Pulling pranks and joke telling is what makes this day unique, and one of the craziest days of the year.

What trick do you have in your mind to fool your friends this year? Are you looking for something eccentric and unique? Read on to find some of the great ideas to fool your friends and family members.

#1 April Fool’s Ecards – If you are short on ideas for this April Fool’s day, consider sending specially designed ecards to your friends, partner, or anyone you wish to fool simply for the sake of fun and pleasure. Well, there are many websites that will help you achieve your mischievous plan. Some of the cards also have music and animated text to heighten the fun level.

#2 Messing with their phone – If your victim is a teenager, then the best thing to play the prank would be with his or her phone. The first thing that teenagers do in the morning is check their text messages. At night, when they are asleep, get their phone, and change settings.

Then, send them a message stating “April Fool”. If you want something more devilish, set up a password on their phone if they do not have one, so they will go mad in the morning when they will not be able to access their phone. You might be bashed for that.

#3 Fun with jokes and SMS – Forwarding outdated jokes and April Fool messages are no longer funny. These jokes and messages can really be humorous when you add your own creative text, but much depends on the funny side of your personality, which can indeed bring out the jokes that remain fresh in the recipient’s memory. Indeed, there are innumerable pranks, but nothing can beat a joke or SMS that is a product of your brain.

#4 Messing with their computer – If your victim owns a computer, then change the date in the computer to a few years ahead in the future, and watch them getting annoyed when all the upcoming items in the calendar pop up as the missed items. Do this trick only if you know how to fix it, in case if the victim does not know.

#5 Hiding the TV remote – Nothing would annoy the victim more when they would not be able to find the TV remote. Easy and fun to watch, hiding TV remote can create chaos in any home these days. Despite the fact that we could get up and change the channel, we spend hours searching for the remote. Turn on the TV to the channel that you know the victim does not like, and then hide it. Leave notes in some of the obvious hiding spots with hints to the last destination.

Before you play any pranks and jokes on the April Fool’s day, here is the warning. The pranks you choose to play with your friends should not harm or hurt them in any way. They should be intended in a way to have a good laugh and fun, that is it.

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