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5 Latest Fashion Trends for Boys In 2014

Just like girls even boys want to keep themselves up to date and are crazy about fashion. There are numerous boys who adapt themselves to the various styles introduced during various seasons.

We have given the top 5 latest fashion trends for boys that were a hit among boys in 2014.

1. Low Shine Office Jeans

This current trend has become very common in 2014. These jeans have become the need of time as more and more boys are likely to adapt to this fashion in jeans. These kind of jeans is usually available in light and dark colours. Low shine office jeans look very stylish and trendy too.

2. Parka Jackets

Jackets have also become very common these days, as boys are wearing them on both shirts and t-shirts. The jackets are available in varied styles and colours that could be selected on the basis of their match with the shirts and trousers. Jackets continue to evolve with each season.

3. Kurtas

Kurtas are not only famous in Asia, but also in other parts of the world. Boys in Asia prefer these kind of dresses in the cultural events. Kurtas are gradually becoming very popular in the western countries and Asian attire is looked upon as the foundation of many fashionistas, just like the eastern countries have been influenced by western fashion.

4. Embroidered Shirts

These kind of shirts are very common these days. The embroidery at the back and the shoulders is very common, and boys have started embracing it. Embroidered look graceful and royal. They are available in different colours and in different cloth materials.

5. Strips

This is quite a famous and a style that looks good. Striped t-shirts are very famous these days. Boys love them as they feel more like boys as they wear them in different colours and different strips. They look fashionable and simple.

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