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6 Most Ravishing Fragrances For Different Occasions

It is said that you’re never fully dressed up without wearing a perfume. It is a‘not-to-be-forgotten’ accessory. Since every day or the other, we keep on celebrating different occasion to keep our life away from becoming gloomy and monotonous.

However, one single perfume can’t complement all the occasions and festivities. For example, while being on a date you would need a light subtle smell; likewise, on an opera event, you would require something from the wooden family. Hence, you must carry a different cologne that gives a distinctive fragrance for every event that you’re gonna attend.

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Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right sort of fragrances according to the mood of the occasion:

Nine to Five work day :

We’re spending a large portion of our life working hard and slogging ourselves in the office whether happily or unhappily. Choose scents which are subtle in nature having sparing floral notes. You can try Pear, apple, mint, basil, almond fragrances and so on.

Reunion party :

Reunion is a time when you would be reviving all those school and college memories. To make your day even more memorable opt for light and airy fragrances that have ingredients such as sandalwood, cherry blossom, orange or lemon. A citrus smell will add a great vibe to your outfit is perfect for such casual and heart-warming occasions.

The first date:

When butterflies-like feeling tickle you from head to toe and when your long for that one yes, the first date is all about getting mushy feelings. Apart from picking that beautiful little black dress, pick perfumes which constitute of decent fragrances such as rose, orange, lavender etc.


Job interview :

Most employers are looking for creative, hard-working, sensible and trustworthy people who possess loads of enthusiasm and dedication. To ensure that you meet all the expectations to get into your dream company, settle for smells from the woody family.

A lazy afternoon along the beach :

When you’re in a holiday mood, select a perfume which gives a deep and warm feeling. Perfumes with wood and spices are particularly some of the best choices. Also, you can look for a scent that has the glimpses of clove, cinnamon or cardamom. Some retailers, high-end departments, and online stores especially sell such fragrances. If you wish you buy them, you can have a look at the Fragrance Direct online store on DealsLands. You can also get amazing discounts and deals while shopping with the store.

Family get-togethers :

Family get-together are an important aspect of one’s family life as it brings all the member under one roof. Hence. You should pick fragrances that leave an impression about your personality. A simple fragrance having sugary smell would be great for such an invigorating occasion.

A cologne speaks louder than a person’s presence. Always remember that a right perfume can make a long lasting impression on your friends, family members or colleagues. Whilst choosing a fragrance, keep in mind the occasion on which you’d be wearing it. A strong smelling perfume won’t complement your attire while you’re in a business meeting. Similarly, a soft and subtle smell should be a no-no while you’re at a charity function and where you want your presence to be felt. So, choose your cologne wisely. After all, a perfume is an ultimate cherished luxury.

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