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7 Delicious Christmas Cakes From Around The World

Like the ancient history of Christmas, there lies a classical antiquity of the core part of this festival- The delectable Christmas cake. Yes! It used to be a simple porridge with fruits, and nuts that people preferred to eat during the Christmas eve in the past. But, it turned into a mouthwatering cake soon with the advancement of centuries. And, here, came the concept of cutting and tasting a huge, tasty, and decorative cake during the joyful occasion of Christmas!

Moreover, do you know the traditional Christmas cake is not same everywhere? Yes! The taste, texture, and looks of the same vary from one part of the country to the other. On this Christmas, you can even buy such finger-licking cakes at an affordable rate from the stores like Hello Fresh.

However, want to explore such authentic Christmas cakes from around the planet? Then, just read ahead to know about the same. Well, let’s start now!

#1 United Kingdom: Christmas Cake

Christmas Cakes UK

In the United Kingdom, the Christmas cake is a tempting fruit cake which is usually made a couple of months before Christmas. It is done so because they want it to get completely soaked in brandy. The recipe ingredients of this cake vary from person to person and bakery to bakery. Some of the cakes are usually prepared in different shapes with fruits and nuts and others might remain covered with icing.

#2 America: Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake US

There is a history of baking fruit cakes during Christmas by the grandmas and moms in the USA. Most of the Americans mass-produce fruit cakes during the festival which generally remain alcohol-free but the traditional recipes will never be devoid of liqueurs or brandy and the cake will remain always covered in powdered sugar. In America, the custom of eating and serving yummy fruit cakes which remain delved with several tasty and juicy fruits has been always popular and even now it is a well-known tradition!

#3 France: Galette des Rois

Galette des Rois - France

This cake is damn tasty! It is a flaky cake which remains filled with frangipane and it is usually served around 6th of January which is on the twelfth day of Christmas. The cake is usually served to commemorate the history of the arrival of Three Wise Men to meet the baby, Jesus.

Originally, a bean was baked inside the cake but now it has become a common process to hide a plastic trinket inside. And, there is a saying that whoever would find that trinket in the slice of cake, he or she will be the crowned king or queen of the day. On the occasion of Christmas, you can buy such a cake from Biscuiteers while spending very less.

#4 Germany: Christstollen

Christstollen Germany

Christmas is not complete in Germany without Christstollen! Well, it is actually a traditional fruit cake which was baked for the very first time in the year 1545 at the Council of Trent which is located in Italy. The original cake became so popular that the Dresden Stollen Association now regulates the production of the same. The recipe for this delicious cake includes a correct proportion of nuts, fruits, butter, sugar, and spices!

#5 Italy: Panettone

Panettone Italy

Panettone is a fabulous cupola-shaped fruitcake that originated in Milan in the early twentieth century. It is extremely delectable and you would simply love eating that with sweet wine or any kinds of hot drinks during Christmas time in Italy. So, if you have any plan to go for a vacation on this Christmas then go for Italy this time.

#6 Japanese Christmas Cake

Japanese Christmas cake

In Japan, though there are not many people who celebrate Christmas but the ones for whom Christmas is a moment of enjoyment and celebration they consider this cake as an integral part of the day. It is known as Japanese Christmas cake and it remains frosted with whipped cream as well as while having strawberry pieces as the toppings.

#7 Portugal: Bolo Rei

Portugal Bolo Rei

Bolo Rei is the yummy Christmas cake from Portugal which looks like a crown in reference to the famous story of three kings from Bible. This cake has become the specialty of the official bakery of Portuguese monarchy. The Portuguese believe in the holiness and the history of the cake so intensely that it is generally served from the Christmas day until the day of the Kings arrives on January 6th which is considered as the Feast of the Epiphany.

#8 Jamaica: Rum Cake

Rum Cake

In Jamaica, Christmas is celebrated with this extremely tasty and rich cake which usually remains spiced up with a flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg, and lime. You must taste this special Jamaican Christmas cake as soon as you can and thus you’ll certainly remember the incredible taste for the rest of your lifetime.

Go Taste It!!

So, I hope, by now, you must be already drooling. Right? Well, it’s quite natural! It’s because really these cakes are simply awesome and the taste is just out of the world!! So, on this Christmas, don’t forget to taste a few and it would take the level of your Christmas-charm to the next level!

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