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7 fabulous Easter DIY Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Easter is coming and it’s time for warmer weather and spring colours again. Amidst of the vibrant colours, spring blooms and loads of decorations, the Easter weekend is known to have a lively environment always. Moreover, one thing which is very common in Easter is exchanging gifts among the friends and family. But, some people don’t have an intense like for the typical ready-made gift items. Instead, they want to craft the gifts themselves for their loved ones to give them a customized look.

So, if you’re one of the DIY types, then here are some unique gift items which you can make this Easter and give away to let your friends & family feel how special they are in your life.

Easter DIY Gifts

  1. A Yummy vase

We all know about Easter candies and everyone like to have those delicious candies. So, instead of just presenting a box of candies to your loved ones, you can rather display those wrapped up in colourful glitter papers in a glass vase and put a bunch of pretty spring blooms in the top to make a palatable vase display. It can be a gorgeous and unique gift to give-away which will be a vibrant combination of colours and taste.

  1. The lovely tulip bouquet with peeps

Tulips are the flowers of the season, you can buy flowers from flowerstation. And what else can add-up to the beauty of a bunch of yellow or white tulips other than lemon drops and yellow marshmallow peeps? So, Just take a round-bottomed big glass bowl, put some peeps inside and decorate it with an alluring bunch of tulips. You can use your imagination to add more to it in the form of sparkling beads and glitter balls to make the whole arrangement look stunning.

  1. Colourful bunny garland

You can obviously buy an Easter garland but the real gratification comes when you can make it by yourselves and give it your special touch. You can very easily make a bunny-shaped garland with just a little bit of cutting and then using cotton balls for the tail. You can even make it really whimsical by adding a couple of wiggly eyes. For the basic shape of a bunny, you can cut it out of a wallpaper, normal paper or anything else with which you want to make your garland.

  1. An exhilarating Easter tree

Instead of buying an Easter tree to gift it to any of your friends, you can rather make it as per your choice. For that, you can simply make a tree by keeping the Easter eggs  one above the other in a balanced way which you can then decorate with few dazzling and beautiful crafts. And it will be ready for gift wrapping and giving away as a unique Easter present.

  1. A multi-coloured button bunny

You can create an adorable Easter bunny if you’ve lots of colourful buttons with you. This can be something very cute for adorning the front door of the person for whom you’re thinking of getting an Easter gift. You just need to have a wire or plastic bunny as a base, then you can fix the buttons with different pastel colours over it. And it will be ready!! This will also allow you to make use of those old buttons that are cluttering up your sewing basket.

  1. Little yet decorative Easter basket

Baskets are something which you can find everywhere during Easter. So get one and use beautiful flowers, glittering stars, small decorative balls, ribbons …….and any other thing you can think of to decorate it how you like and it will really prove to be a kind of very different Easter gift.

  1. A lovely Easter brooch

This Easter, you can gift a brooch to someone you like with the things that signify the festival. This will be something out of the box. For that, you just have to gather the embellishments like stars, little artificial eggs which looks like Easter eggs, vintage faux flowers etc. And fix those to a small disk with a glue. And then with the same glue fix a pin in the back-side of the brooch. That’s it, it’s done!

So, include these ideas, add up some of your own imagination and make one of a kind and creative DIY gifts this Easter for everyone rather than spending huge bucks to buy the conventional ones.

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