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7 Practical Ways to Save Money as a Student

7 Practical Ways to Save Money as a Student_

To manage the budget while you are studying in university is not an easy feat. As a student, you often don’t have enough funds to save money after paying for your regular expenses. C’mon! You are not having any constant income source to meet your daily needs. So, having a crunch of money is quite common. But, it should not end up letting you lose hope.

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1. Go for second-hand goods 

Go for second-hand goods 

To save money while being a student is definitely not impossible. Buying second-hand stuff is one of the most amazing approaches.

It can let you save huge on almost every newbie through its enticing deals and offers. But, if you just spend some time at any local Oxfam, Octavia Foundation or charity shop which might be present around your university, you will be surprised to find some treasures (although second-hand). Whether it is premium quality outfits, vintage, or accessories, you can find everything on such stores at almost half-price.

2. Grab the student discount codes 

Grab the student discount codes

Whether it is a premium high-street store or a supermarket, many of them offer exciting and exclusive discounts for students. All that you need to do is just use the right one at the right time and this can let you save enormously on a regular basis. Make sure that you’ve signed up for UNiDAYS and aware of the entire latest student discounts codes from your favourite stores. It will let you end up saving like never before.

3. Student nights over weekend parties 

Student nights over weekend parties

This could be one of the most practical ways to save money for students. Student’s nights happen always during the weeks and they are way too cheaper. All that you need to do is just manage to end up to one after classes rather than attending any weekend party. If you want to cut down your monthly expenses up to a huge extent, this trick could be the most effective one.

4. Sign up for ‘secret sales’ 

There are a number of such potent sites which can regularly intimate you about the various limited-time flash sale on everything starting from designer clothes to holidays. You can even sign up for such websites to make sure that you are always updated about all the deals.

What are you waiting for?

Register yourself and get started now.

5. Follow at least one ‘ no spend’ day per week 

Having a no-spend day is one of the smartest ways to keep your extra spending at bay as a student. When you decide to do that, it can let you save altogether a huge sum. Of course, you have to be enough self-restrained to follow this tip. But, if you are able to have control over yourself for once at least, you will end up saving huge. It might take some forward planning but the psychological impact of learning how to not spend money can have an awesome long term effect on your financial life.

6. Look for cheap flights 

Look for cheap flights

As a student, you definitely want to save money and if you are living in the hostel at any distant destination, booking flights while travelling back on vacation could be one of your most serious expenditure. You would always want to save remarkably on that.

But, how?

Make sure that you are setting up price alerts on websites like momondo if you already know where you are travelling. Otherwise, you can even use ‘Everywhere tool’ of Skyscanner to figure out discounted sites on flights to anywhere. Moreover, complete holiday packages can be sometimes more frugal. So, if it meets your requirement then go for one and save extensively.

7. Encourage potlucks 

Encourage potlucks

When it comes to student life, you can’t always afford to go for luncheons and dinner-outs. But, it doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to have fun with your friends. One of the smartest ways to save money and still eat together is arranging potlucks. Just ask your friends to bring food of their own, sit together, and eat. This will let you save incredibly as you don’t have to spend a single buck.

Wrapping Up

Aren’t these money saving tips excellent?

Don’t wait anymore!

Follow these tricks in your day to day life. And finally, you will end up having the most frugal student life you can ever think of.

Be smart, save money, and have a great student life!

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