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7 Tips On Finding The Right Athletic Shoes

When it comes to shoes, they are one of the fundamental elements of a healthy lifestyle. So if you are planning to have a healthy body, start working for it from your shoes itself. At some point you may feel that finding the right shoe is about the looks, but you will realize that it is about finding the best pair, which fits you and prevents you from injuries. So follow Land of Deals tips to find a better pair for your legs:

  1. Buy according to the activity :

Sports shoes are designed for different activities. Volleyball shoes are for volleyball games, while running shoes are for running. So it is better to have the perfect pair depending upon the sports activity that you are involved in. When it comes to shoes, it is important to select the right one based on the sports activity you are involved in. If you are the one involved in gym activities, it is better to have a cross- trainer one, which is designed for different activities. If you are involved in different activities, it may turn out to be costly to have different pairs for different activities. On the other hand, if you are involved in any of the two activities, it would have been better to have two different pairs, as it will keep you away from injury and will increase your overall performance.


  1. Replace shoe regularly :

One of the ways to invite injury is by wearing the shoes that have experienced wear and tear. When it comes to shoes, they are supposed to give support and protection to the ankles and feet. If the shoes go through wear and tear, the body will experience its effect too. So American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine has given out some guidelines, so as to decide when to change your shoes:

  • Get new shoes once you walk or run for 300 to 500 miles
  • Getting involved in sports activities like aerobic dance, basketball, tennis, etc.
  • When the mid-sole of the shoes get damaged

Try to replace the shoes after one year, even if they have not been used much, as they may undergo natural wear and tear within that time.

  1. Have budget planned :

It is better to plan in advance for the shoes before you go for shopping. Don’t go for the shoes that are out of your budget. Studies claim that there is no meaning in going for the costlier options of the same brand. Clarks comes with a wide collection of shoes for both men and women. Here you will find shoes that fit within your budget.

  1. Get the right size :

Never assume that the size of your shoes stays same. They change over the years due to many reasons. So it is better to check the size of the feet and the arch pattern before you try out different shoes. Different brands have different sized shoes, so the size 10 shoe of Nike may not be same as that of Reebok. So you need to check it every time.


  1. Shop at the end of the day :

By the end of the day, your feet will swell out.  So you can buy the one that fits your swelled foot. This way you will be saved from buying undersized shoe for yourself.

  1. Wear socks :

It is better to have a pair of socks with you when you try different shoes. Have the one that you wear during the sports activities. This will help you to get an exact pair of shoes that fits your feet properly.

  1. Try different shoes :

Make it a point to go to the shop with enough time. You must not be the one who finalizes the first pair of shoes that fits your feet. So make sure you try at least five pair of shoes, before you finalize the deal.

When it comes to athletic shoes, they come with a number of designs. It is a fact that fashion takes second place when it comes to such shoes. Still, you can have the pair of Nike shoes from your favorite color. At times, it may not be possible as they may be limited to some colors, but still you may try to get what you want.

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