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8 Affordable Holiday Destinations In The UK

United Kingdom – these two words only bring one thing to attention, historic places. Visiting historic places in Uk and that too at a cheaper rate is cherry on the top. Travelling is BAE and if you do not enjoy travelling then you do not have right to live (just kidding).

The travelling is something that teaches you tons of things and thus, every once in a while you must plan a vacation. Today, we are going to talk about 8 cheapest holiday destinations in the UK that will help you have fun and at the same time will go easy on your pockets:

8 Affordable holiday destinations in the UK

#1 Stonehenge:


Stone Henge is Britain’s most iconic ancient site which you must have had seen in the movi People have been drawn to this myth-laden ring of blue stones for more than 5ooo years and it is still unknown to mankind why was it built. Going to Stone Henge doesn’t require much money as it is an ancient site. Some experiences just stay with you and Stone Henge will give you that experience.

#2 The city of Edinburgh:

The city of Edinburgh

This experience is not only necessary for going easy on pockets but it is a soul-satisfying experience. The hues of Blue and Yellow especially during summer and festivals will blow away your min You can visit sometime during a chill December and enjoy the morning with the fog snagging the spires of the Old Town. You can get affordable hotels bookings using travelodge discount code from

#3 Roman Bath:

Roman Bath

Britain may have some amazing places but thanks to the natural hot springs that bubble to the surface, the Romans have built a health resort here. You must not let the beautifully created Georgian architecture pass by your attention because these are the places that are worth spending time with.

#4 Cotswold:


The best part about being at Cotswold is that even if you get lost there you will not feel bad about it, in fact, you will be glad you got lost. This would be because wherever you are, you will always end up with an impossibly picturesque village complete with rose-clad cottages, It’s not hard in Edinburgh to leave the crowds behind and find your very own slice of medieval England – and discover some of the best boutique hotels with authentic food in the country. Don’t forget to check our latest hotels deals and offers before making any hotels booking.

#5 The town of Oxford:

The town of Oxford

Who doesn’t love Oxford? Whether it is university or library, Oxford University has made Oxford famous. You’ll get a glimpse of this Oxford world when you will walk down the hushed college quads and cobbled lanes which will be dominated by the students. Revive your memories from your school and college days for a negligible price because everything is cheaper since it is student’s town.

#6 The Lake district:

The Lake district

Are you, someone who enjoys the beauty of nature, then Lake District is the place for you. The weather, the scenery, the vibe of that place will stir something inside you and you will feel at peace. It will wake up the Shakespeare and Wordsworth in you and that too for free of cost. Just wear your hiking boots, pack a few sandwiches and diet coke and you are good to go.

#7 Castles:


The UK has some amazing castles from romantic cliff-top ruins such as Corfe or sturdy fortresses such as Caernarfon to formidable Stirling and still inhabited Windsorwill take you centuries back. They are no longer called mansions but stately homes which are open for the visitors for almost free. You need not pay anyone anything to polish your knowledge of Britain history.

#8 Canterbury Cathedral:

Canterbury Cathedral

Visiting UK and not visiting cathedral churches is not done and plus, these churches are an integral part of the formation of UK. There are English cathedrals that come close to Canterbury, the top temple of the Anglican Church and a place of worship for more than 15 centuries.You can witness the crime spot where Archbishop Thomas Becket was put to the sword for free.

So, these are some of the UK destinations which will help you save bucks and give the experience to witness some of the most beautiful things in the world.

These are few of the best UK destinations that would make you want to visit it again and again. They are affordable yet enjoyable. Planning a trip with your partner or with your family, do not forget to ass these 8 things in your bucket list. You do not want to miss out on some of the most beautiful creations of god.

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