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A Complete Guide To Get The Right Champagne For The Party

Do you know the difference between sparkling wine and champagne? Do you know how to pop a bottle safely? No? Then you must go through this guide and you will turn out to be an expert.

Knowing the dry and sweet champagne

Choosing the right bottle :

When it comes to champagnes, they are perfect for any party. Whatever you are serving as food & drinks, champagne bottles are a must for the party. Its sparkle and light make it a special drink for the celebration. So before you choose a bottle of your own, you need to know certain things mentioned below:

Champagne and sparkling wine

Champagne and sparkling wine :

If you find the letter ‘C’ on the bottle, then it means that champagne comes from France and is quite costly. You can find a 75cl bottle of Laurent Perrier Brut Rose NV at £44.95 at FromVineyards Direct. If you find the letter ‘c’ on the bottle, it means that it comes from another part and is moderately priced. In order to spot good quality champagne, look on the label for “Methode Tradionelle”. It will tell you whether the champagne has been made taking the time or made by using the Charmat process, which is time-saving.

The Right Champagne For The Party

Knowing the dry and sweet champagne :

To know whether the champagne is dry lookout for “brut” on the label. For the dry champagne that is a little sweet look for “extra sec” or “extra dry” on the label. If you are looking for sweet champagne, pick up Moscato, which is a white wine that goes well with desserts. If you are looking for Moscato, you can find Metal Label Moscato Frizzante at £9.78 at Great Wines Direct.

If you find “vintage” printed on the label make sure that they are made out of extraordinary grapes according to the winemaker. This doesn’t mean that other wines are of low quality. Champagnes and wines get a better taste when the winemaker combines grapes from different years.

Serving the champagne

Serving the champagne :

To get amazing bubbles in your champagne, it is better to serve it cold. So keep it in the refrigerator for 3 hours to reach it at the desired temperature. You can even keep it in a bucket filled with ice for 30 minutes.

Opening the bottle safely

Opening the bottle safely :

You should open the bottle smoothly and the cork should go just with a whisper. So let’s see how to do it:

  • Remove the foil around the cork.
  • Now hold the cork with a napkin and lose the wire cage by twisting it.
  • Now tilt it a little bit so that bubbles can expand.
  • Grasp the bottle and cork with the cloth. Now with one hand gently turn the bottle and let the pressure inside the bottle forces the cork to open up.
  • Take a tall glass and pour the champagne slowly.

Champagnes and sparkling wines are now available at online stores too. So you can order them from the comfort of your home. Some of the stores where you will find champagnes are From Vineyards Direct, Great Wines Direct,  Waitrose Cellar, etc.

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