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Avoid Top 3 Mistakes While Buying Formal Shirts Online

The internet has turned into a world’s market place. You can buy here from small pin to jet air planes, you can purchase here anything you want at any time, from any part of the world. In this blog, I would like to cover some common mistake we do while buying formal shirts online. Generally, all men in their 20’s picked shirts from traditional retail outlets.

But now the online industry growing, one can experiment range of options in terms of occasions, design, colours, brand, price range. There are plenty of choices to select from casual to formal, party wear to prom evening dress. You will see more design and colour compared to retail stores. But below are 3 mistakes we do while buying shirts online.

Shipping Charges:

There are few online stores providing free shipping, but they cover that charge by increasing product price. So its better to compare shirts and then buy. Before buying always read the privacy policies and terms and conditions. If you find cash on delivery option, then it will be very good. Some stores offer free shipping applies above certain order amount so make sure as per your needs you are able to cross that limit to get free shipping.

Perfect Fitting:

If you are regular buyer online you must be aware that size is different between different brands. While the shirt sizes mentioned on the shirt label may be same, it is very doubtful to get the same fit among all the shirt brands. Before you buy, it is very important for you to understand the shirts technical specifications and description you read below the image. So size matters a lot, you can make sure by  using chat support.


It is very important for you to buy a shirt that suits you perfect and right for the occasion. Before you buy online checks colour twice and make sure that the shirt is perfect for you. For an official meet, select formal shirts from plain work wear collections that are enjoyable to the onlookers, preferably on white base with classic stripes or pin stripes.

Buying online is the best option but if you take care of such mistakes. You will surely get a better deal. You can also use Debenhams to buy men’s and women’s accessories online at discount rate.

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