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Back on Track: Ways to help Daily London Rail Commuters

Are you a Londoner who commutes daily for studies and job? If yes, then this is a must read for you. You have probably noticed that the travel fares have increased upto 25% since the start of this decade. Additionally, the commuting in London is expensive. Many pay upto £1,000 per annum for their rail fare. Furthermore, you can can expect a fair hike at the time of New Year which means an additional slap on the common Londoners.

On the other hand, if you are travelling at peak time, in between London and Manchester, then it can be some exorbitant. For example, you will find it difficult to find for the cheapest fares due to the sheer complexity for the same. So here in Land of Deals, mentioned are the # bargainable methods to cost the cost of the travel for daily commuters.

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  • Rail Card Discount

While you are a regular commuter, first find yourself to be in which category viz. 16-25, Family & Friends, Two Together, or Senior and Disabled Persons. With this, you will get the estimate that how much you can save yearly.

When registered with, the people acquiring Family & Friends RailCard get up to 60% off for the children with £30 for the adults. On the other hand, if you own a Disabled Persons RailCard, then you would need to spend only £20 on a yearly basis, inclusive of restrictions.

With some other rail service providers like, if you are in a group of three to nine heads altogether, you are eligible for the One Third Reduction Program under GroupSave. Kindly note that the GroupSave is not a rail card but whenever you would book with The Trainline.

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  • Split Up

The most commonly noticed anomaly of the superannuated Ticketing System is that if you book one ticket of your whole journey with different connecting junctions, then it would cost you more. This fact is particularly true for the long distance trips. If roughly estimated, this unconventional practise would reduce the cost of your commute by approximately 90%.

If facing difficulty for the same, you can try to unearth the offers that are being available while making your travel frugal. Let us scroll down for getting some of the best proven statistics so that you are able to save more on your daily travel.

save more on your daily travelSource: Train Split

  • Register with the Operators directly

If you prefer approaching a ticket agent, then it is a blunder that you are committing. The reason is that they charge a bountiful amount of pounds and would give you nil. Instead, make sure that you directly approach them. For instance, The TrainLine would charge a minimal amount ranging from 25p to £1.50 and The Red Spotted Hanky charges £1.

If you are a frequent traveller, then you can try through the above mentioned service providers as per your convenience. Any train operator would provide you the service at the same price as they do.

  • Avoid ATM (Automatic Tickets Machines)

If you are amongst those who practise vending tickets out of the ATM (Automatic Tickets Machines), then you are committing a tremendous blunder. This is because recently there was one warning issued regarding the Train Ticket Scandal of the Fares. This is because there are many station where the ticket vending machines are not able to advertise for the group tickets and discounted prices for the same. So instead of saving time, it would end up making you spend more as compared to the advance booking, counter booking or overnight ticket purchase.

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So it is always advisable that you don’t prefer these ATMs. Even if you have left it at the eleventh hour, opt for the counter ticket booking.

Wrapping up!!

All said and done, these tips will definitely help you to save more and travel in London hassle free. You will find some common points as well. Yet there are some misconception that are mentioned here as well that would make you spend more and save less.

Happy Commuting to all the Londoners!!!

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