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The Best Fashion Trends In The Year 2014

Girls and fashion are inseparable. With each year, there are new trends introduced by numerous fashion brands around the globe that are followed by girls from various demographics. At the end of the year 2014 approaches, let’s take a quick flashback of which were the hot fashion trends during the year.

Velvet Dresses

Velvet always looks dated and plain. However, it was given a thumbs-up by designers in the year 2014 and the slinky fabric got a makeover by using it with bodycon dresses, or even combining with contrasting textures. Check out for the wide range available online. There are also lots of benefits of buying women’s clothes online.

A-Line Silhoutettes

Structured A-line silhouettes are great for day-to-night versatility. Also, they are breathable and this feature makes them perfect for the fall weather.

Textured Tops/Dresses

Designers started a new game when they started showing wildly-textured tops and dresses in knitwear. When you’re looking to go low-key with the accessories, this will be the perfect trend to go for.

Long Knits

Long knits are considered the most unexpected, bold trends this season. It may not seem easy to pull it off, however, it is the closest piece of dress. It looks great with simple makeup and pulled back hair.

Modern Plaid

This is a great attire for back-to-school. There were plenty of modern updates to this classic pattern. Better yet, this trends works great as a top, a coat, or a bottom.

Elevated Sporty Outerwear

Sportswear is going at a high, and for years the trend has not been showing any signs of declining. This particular dress focuses on garments to meld fashion and function.

Winter Pastels

Just because the cold is here, it doesn’t mean that you have to restrain yourself to dark neutrals or rusty hues. If you are not comfortable with a plush, pastel pink top in the middle of October, you could go for Ralph Lauren and take the pastel-hued top.

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