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Black Friday 2018 Date & Expert Money Saving Tips

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The monster sales event is going to launch on 23rd November this year!

Yes! Mark the Black Friday date in your calendar now. It is coming up with a myriad of exciting Black Friday deals as the biggest retailers are going to drop the prices on all items that they are going to sell. Whether the video games and movies or TVs, furniture etc., the thrilling Black Friday deals are going to let you save your pocket up to a huge extent.

Moreover, as the holiday season is going to begin, the experts are sharing their exclusive money-saving tips. Their ideas are all about how you can make the most out of the stupendous Black Friday deals while decking up your house with some smart appliances and gadgets of all time.

Expert Money Saving Tips - Black Friday

Want to know what are they suggesting?

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Tip #1 – Understand your free delivery limit

It is true that to avail free delivery, you need to make a purchase of a certain amount for many online stores. In spite of the fact that you might have a Black Friday deal in your hand, you may still be expected to spend a definite amount to enjoy free delivery of your products. For example, when it comes to Amazon, you need to spend minimum £ 20 to get a free delivery. Otherwise, it might cost you up to £4.73 as a delivery charge.

You can stick to such delivery threshold limits in case of other stores too to save money. Further, you can even act a bit smarter. You can add smaller items in your basket to get over the threshold sometimes. For example, if you are already having an electric toothbrush worth £19.50 in your cart, let it find a 59p bandage and that’s it! You will get a free delivery.

Isn’t it pretty less than paying £4.73 extra?

Tip #2 – Don’t forget to check the ads

As the biggest shopping day is not far anymore, the Black Friday deals the UK, Black Friday sale options along with the Cyber Monday deals are everywhere. Especially, all such eye-catchy ads showcasing these fair deals are spread over the internet extensively. However, we still sometimes miss the major ones.

Hence, we need to be a bit cautious to make the most out of Black Friday sale and other money saving options. Browse through the websites of the online stores and you can see the incredible offers and discount codes exclusively available for Black Friday listed up for you. Make sure that you are having a comprehensive idea of all the deals that are available for Black Friday 2018, at least in the big brands. It is one of the best money saving tips during Black Friday to save huge.


Tip #3  Consider checking the price history

Of course, the hefty things like Currys Black Friday deals, Argos Black Friday discounts etc. are soon going to be viral on the internet. However, not at all of them are worth opting for. To ensure that you are making a smart choice, you need to take a glimpse of the price history. Also, as you have got the tools like, checking the price history would be pretty easy for you. Thus, you will be sure about when it is the right time to buy.

Tip #4  Compare before you buy

If you think that a particular deal is good for you then don’t just go for it immediately. Rather, it is smart to check the price of the same at other retailers. Once you figure out the lowest price, purchase from that store. Whereas, the only issue here is on the occasion of Black Friday is missing out some highly lucrative products just because you spent all your time looking elsewhere. Hence, be cautious about that and make sure that you are not losing anything!

Black Friday Tech Offers

Tip #5   Online haggling will be smart

While it is the era of online shopping, you can’t expect to take advantage of in-store haggling. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to miss all that. Rather, you should make it a point to do haggle online on this Black Friday to grab the huge discounts.

If you find a window pop up online which is offering a live chat option with a representative. Don’t miss it! Just use that to haggle. First, ask a few of your queries regarding the product that you are going to buy and then ask for a discount. If there’s no specific discount code available then just look for the overall discounts that the store is offering.

Aren’t these money saving tips already rushing your adrenaline?

Yes! They can fetch you some amazing discounts on this Black Friday. Keep them in your mind and you are done.

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