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Buy Sports Socks Using This Complete Guide

It is true that we take time and effort to choose the right comfortable sports shoes that can protect our feet from injuries. But, many a time we overlook the importance of having a right pair of socks. Right socks will save your feet from blisters and provide that necessary cushioning. Depending on different sports activity, you can find a variety of sports socks. You can shop for right sports socks from reputed store like Nike UK.

Nike Elite Sports Socks

Socks based on different activities :

Many people think that it is enough to have a single pair of socks for every kind of sports activities. This assumption is wrong. You need sports socks for different sports activities. The top sports socks that you will find are:

Athletic socks :

It is a multipurpose socks. You can use it for running, football and yes for the gym too. They are lightweight and come with enough cushioning. These socks are designed in such a way that it absorbs all the stress that the foot experiences when a person is running. In case you want lightweight socks, go for socks with less padding. You can use voucher code nike store  to get a good discount on the product.

Hiking socks :

This section includes mountaineering socks to lightweight socks. If you are opting for shorter hikes, you can go for lightweight socks. The other two socks – mountaineering and midweight come with enough padding that is thick. Mountaineering socks will make sure that your feet stays comfortable during long hikes. They are not that good at wicking moisture so better wear linen socks under them.

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Cycling socks :

Socks with good wicking ability are usually recommended for cycling. There is no need to have extra padded socks for cycling as not much pressure is exerted on your feet. Again, it is better to avoid thick socks as it may cause chafing on skin.

Nike Sports socks are made with different types of materials too. So it is necessary to find the right kind of material for better performance. Different materials available in the market are:

Socks based on different materials :

Cotton :

Though cotton socks are comfortable to wear, they absorb moisture and get wet. They don’t come with the property to wick moisture. Wearing wet socks during physical activity like running may cause you blisters. The chances for cotton socks to wear out is more because it produces more friction. Normally cotton socks come in a cotton blend. Here 60 % cotton is used and remaining 40% consists of synthetic fibres.

Nike Sports Socks 3

Wool :

Wool sports socks are durable compared to cotton ones and come with better cushioning. They wick moisture and so stay dry for a long time.

Acrylic :

They are the most common type of socks used by people. They keep feet dry by absorbing moisture. It is lightweight as well as soft in texture.

Coolmax :

Coolmax is a material made using polyester. When it comes to wicking ability, it is even better compared to acrylic socks. The four-channel fibre technology is responsible for the property. The sports socks are used in heavy sports activity like playing rugby. They are one of the best material available out there. Mostly Coolmax is blended with others to create better sports socks.

Nylon :

If you are looking for a synthetic material that will last long, better go for nylon. You can wear the socks for a long time and still it will stay in shape. The nylon does not wick moisture like other materials. You can easily blend it with others to create fibres that are elastic and strong.

Nike Sports Socks

Lycra :

It is a synthetic material and comes with the ability of elasticity. Because of this property, the socks can fit any foot. Lycra is blended with other materials to get better elasticity and wicking property.

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So upgrade your closet with some good quality sports socks and enjoy the sports activities.

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