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Changing Shopping Trends For Cyber Monday

The statistics of 2013 suggests that there has been change in the shopping patterns among the people and peak in sale was noticed on the next Monday, after Cyber Monday. It has to be said that more number of people visited the online sites on the next Monday compared to Cyber Monday.

The studies says that 120 million people visited the online websites on the second Monday which means that there has been an increase of 3.6% traffic compared to the shopping performance of Cyber Monday. It also stated that 700,000 hours were spend more on the online shopping sites on the second Monday compared to Cyber Monday.

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Changing trends in shopping :

The change in shopping trends of people is effecting the retail shopping these days. With emerging new technology, shopping has been made easy for people. This has lead to the change in shopping trends that has been followed for last many years. Now people are more free to shop when and where, they want. So this has increased the flexibility in shopping.

Nowadays, people are less tensed about their shopping as they know that they can leave it to the last minute and they will still get their gifts delivered by the retailers. There are many retailers out there who promise to make the delivery as late as December 23, so people are less pressurized and can leave their shopping work behind compared to early years.

With online shopping getting more and more open these days, the shopping season has stretched up to Christmas. People are seen taking advantage of the deals and offers of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as early as possible. The mid week shopping trend is something that is emerging out. Now more number of people are shopping on thursdays and fridays as compared to the recent years.

Things have changed with technology, so people are free to shop whenever they want, this is one of the reason why more number of people are seen on online shopping sites during this festive season.

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Effect of changing shopping pattern on Boxing Day? :

It has been noted that traditional shopping patterns has been disturbed in the past years, so it is not possible to predict the shopping patterns in the retail industry. With many things going around, it is not possible to say about the sales this year on Boxing day. When it comes to Boxing Day, it has been having the record of making the biggest sales in the past five years. Things may change this time or it may remain the same as the past years, but it is something that cannot be predicted.

The number of online purchasers is increasing day by day, so it can be definitely said that the number of people visiting the online sites on the Boxing Day will be more compared to the recent years. Moreover, chances are there that more number of people will visit the sites on December 26 to look out for the vouchers and to return the gifts that are no more wanted. When it comes to the shopping trends of UK, the number of people visiting the site will be definitely more on this Boxing day.

It has been noted that the number of people shopping on the online sites on Christmas is increasing drastically. This can directly effect the sales on the Boxing Day as the number of people coming to the site on that day may decrease.


This suggests that the regular shopping rules that were followed all these years are changing and retailers now need to get with the new shopping trends. The online approach of people are changing and marketers need to adapt themselves to the digital marketing to reach consumer expectations.

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