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Choosing The Right Boots For Football

It is true that without having the right pair of football shoes, you will not be able to perform well. When it comes to FIFA there are certain rules regarding the clothes and types of equipment that you use on the field. It states that no player should use equipment or wear things, which may turn out to be dangerous to oneself as well as for others. Players are recommended to use shin guards, which are completely covered with socks. So the most important thing that a footballer use from his kit is his pair of boots.

Football boots backs to the 16th century. Football boots came with studs for better grip from the year 1891. Dasler brothers named Rudolf and Adi had a bigger contribution in bringing different studded boots.

Today known football players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi wears football boots, which are specially customized for them. The boots are made from costly materials but are basically developed from the original boots from Dasler brothers, which became popular during the 19th century. It is best to have a different pair of boots for different fields.

For soft ground – During the damp weather, the football pitches will turn out to be muddy as well as soft. So, you need to have screw studs, as they will go deep into the ground. So you will be able to keep up your balance.

For firm ground – Most of the football boots have rubber studs that are shorter than cleats. So they are good while playing on the ground that is tough and dry.

The materials that are used to make the football boots are equally important. Traditionally, football boots are made using the leather, but nowadays man-made fibres are also used along with or in replacement of leather. A number of experiments have been carried out on the boots by using synthetic materials.

Some of the boots are specially designed for indoor football. Here players play on artificial grass. Playing on artificial grass greatly reduces the life of the football boot. So brand like Nike has developed special boots, which can be played on artificial grass.

Nowadays, many of the materials that are used in making boots come with copyrighted names. Basically, all the football boots are made using polymer. A new boot has been recently developed by Nike, which can be called as the lightest as well as fastest one in the market. This boot is completely made from carbon fibre. These days you will also find boots for men as well as ladies at the shoe shop based on the different quality.

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