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Desktop Computer Buying Guide For 2016

Do you need to buy a new PC? Not sure about what to buy? Just wait we have your back. We have something for everyone. Again, a number of PCs are available at affordable price, so you don’t have to compromise on the performance too.

Computer Buying Guide For 2016

If you are shopping from the UK and looking for a trustworthy online store for appliances and electronics, you can find Currys at your service. Moreover, Currys vouchers can help you to save big. Currys come with amazing deals on desktop PCs, enabling you to save up to £250.

So before we start shopping, let’s see what all things you need to consider while getting a new PC for yourself.

Processing power

How your PC will perform the basic operations depends on the processor. If you have better processor speed, the operating system can do things faster. Complex tasks like editing videos as well as photos will take place fast. In case your processor has more cores, it will ultimately perform everything well without exerting any pressure.

Desktop Buying Tips

Graphic cards

If you are the kind of the person, who spends a good time playing games, you need a better graphic card for a good visual feast. Now you can be sure that all the graphic cards will run well with Full HD resolution and play all games well.


Working on PC means you need to store your work or any other data. Ideally, your operating system will be installed on SSD. This will provide better speed to write and read making the computer to response well. You can have your SSD card paired with secondary hard disk and get all your data there.


When you are spending all the money to buy a good PC, invest in a good quality monitor too. You can find quality monitors at affordable prices. Look for contrast, colours as well as accuracy when buying monitors.

Buy Desktop

Nowadays, all the new Windows PCs comes with Windows 10 OS. So there is no need to upgrade it. In case your stock is old , chances are there that you may get a Windows 8.1 PC. So if you want Windows 10, just upgrade your OS. At Currys, you will find a wide range of Windows 10 pre-installed PCs. Apart from the discounts provided by Currys, you can save more on your Windows 10 PC purchase. For example, you can get a discount of £20 when buying Microsoft Office along with your PC purchase.

You can even save more by using the discount deals at Dealslands. It comes with updated offers from time to time. Currently, you can get data storage range starting from £34.99 here.

So follow this guide and get the right desktop matching your requirements that too at affordable rate.

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