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How To Dress Up Your New Born Baby

It might not be so easy for new moms and dads to put clothes on the tiny bodies of their newborn babies and for the first few days it might prove to be a very scary experience. However, if you believe what other moms and dads have to say, you will get accustomed to it in a few weeks.

It is vital to be patient, calm, and careful until both the parents get used to and have enough experience in dressing up their newborn baby.

how to dress up new born baby
Image Courtesy : Mothercare

There are certain things that you should keep in mind as parents while dressing up your newborn baby. As kids could get irritated by certain kinds of handling, it is important to know how exactly you should be handling the situation of dressing them up. There are certain customs or you could say the rules of dressing up a baby.

In the long run, it will become your favourite pastime and you might change the clothes of your baby while singing a song to them.

new baby born

Guide to dress up your newborn :

Warmth The most common reason for a crying baby when you change their clothes is because they feel cold and insecure. Your part is t stay calm, quick, and tender. While doing this ensure that you are talking to your baby. It is advisable to direct a flow of warm air on your baby while you are changing their clothes.

Change on Flat Surface :

Since a newborn’s head would be hanging loosely, the most appropriate way to dress the baby is by laying him or her on a flat surface, like a changing mat. It should be a no-slip mat.

Head Comes First :

Shove the baby’s head first by widening the neck area of the shirt, so that you could get it on from the head in one move without even touching the face.

new baby

Arms :

The same method will work for the arms as well. Stretch one sleeve as much as you could and pass the kid’s arm through it. The same goes for the second arm as well.

Sleep-suits :

Put the newborn on top of a spread sleep suit. Pick each sleeve and leg and direct each limb. Finally, fasten the sleep suit.

Conclusion :

There you go. It is not so tough after all, right? It is very important that your kid stays in a good mood while you are changing their clothes. Thus, make sure that you are talking to them or singing a song for them. Check out Mothercare, or more available online to make the purchase of your baby’s clothes affordable.

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