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The Most Exceptional Motorcycle Helmets

Boys go crazy when it comes to bike or anything that is related to them. Selecting the right kind of accessories is quite important to ensure safety, and style too. Here are the hottest helmets that are already a rage with motor-bikers

Most Exceptional Motorcycle Helmets

Viper RS X11 Kids Enduro L Helmet and Goggles

Viper Rs X11 Kids Enduro L helmet is made for kids. This new motorcycle helmet is specially designed keeping in mind kids who love riding bikes to protect their heads from injuries. The quality of the helmet could be determined from the fact that it has been approved by the ECE-22-05 and ACU Gold and comes with a strap that could be tied up to a seat belt fasting system.

This head protective gear is available in gray, red, and white colours. You could cover the helmet with a helmet bag when it is not being used. The white goggles that accompanies this helmet also has a high quality build to shield the eyes against dust and the water.

Motor Cycle helmet

Viper RS-04 Open Face Target Helmet and Goggles

Why people love the fc-moto coupon codes is because we have something for everyone and the Viper RS-04 Open Face Target helmet with goggles is a fine example to show how much we care for motor-bike lovers. The open face helmet has been designed especially for scooter riders. This helmet has been approved by the ECE 22.05 in order to avoid injuries in case the biker collides with someone.

The strap is kept attached to the head of the biker at all times with the help of a seat belt. The most interesting thing about this helmet is that it comes with a goggle strap at its back. In addition to that it has a removable peak.

LS2 FF351 Mono Full Face Racing Helmet with Balacala

This is again a high quality helmet buying an ECE 22.05 helmet. The anti-scratch outer visor that this helmet has, gives a quick release mechanism. The visor could be replaced easily if it gets cracked. The soft lining inside the helmet could also be removed, if you want it to be washed. In addition to that, the strap of the helmet could be quickly released as it comes with an adjustable buckle.

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