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Fashion Trends That You Should Try Atleast Once Before You Die

There are certain kinds of dresses that you must have never tried in your life. So, I would recommend that, you must atleast go for the dress and see for yourself, whether they really suit you or not.

Some of such dress and accessory patterns are:

eve-romper-celebsRompers: When it comes to rompers, people have a stereotypical feeling, that the dress is only for the college going girls. So, ladies out there keep that thought aside and go, grab the rompers which suits your body type and wear it.

Light-piank-lipstick-for-fair-skin-300x271Pink lipstick shade: When it comes to ladies they mostly wear a red shade as they enhance their look and beauty. The next thing that people use less is pink. It gives a look of elegance, if it is worn the right way.

1 Leopard Print Animal Print Mesh Bustier Dress DL019Animal print dress and accessories: Animal print dresses are available in stripes and spots. These prints are always in the market without its fashion fading away. So, you can always try them as your belt or a purse first, before you go for the dress.

2014-New-Fashion-Korean-Velcro-Rivets-Wedges-Sneakers-For-Women-isabel-marant-High-top-Genuine-LeatherSneakers: Have you anytime tried those spongy comfortable sneakers? If not, then you must rush to the nearest store and get a pair for yourself. They are good for all the seasons, and goes well with every kind of dress.

lamb makeup

Cat eyeliner: When it comes to cat eye type, it makes the eyes look long. All you need is use a cat eyeliner and give those extra length to your eyes.


Pink BoutiqueBodycon dress: One of the different kind of dress, that you should atleast try once is bodycon dress. They are built-in shape dress which will make you look awesome, if you have a good body figure.

pattern_mixing3Pattern mixing: You can even try out a dress with mixed patterns. In the beginning, it must be like guessing the prints that you want together, but then you will realize that it will give an edgy look to the whole outfit.

DealslansJeans with high waist: Most of the time people don’t prefer a high waist jeans as the material and the design makes girls look bad. The latest high waist danims jeans come in good size that will make you really look sexy, and slimmer.

pussy-bow-blouse1Bow blouse: Bow blouse, which comes from retro fashion may make you look different. The old buttoned dress with a tie will give you the casual look that you must have longed from such fashion wear.

Palazzo pants: This kind of pants makes you look long and slim. When wore with proper tops, you may look hotter than ever.

Trying a Fedora: There are many people who believe that hats don’t suit their face. So, here I suggest them to atleast try out the hat for once, and see how it looks on them.

Chic shorts: Then comes Chic short which can be your best option during the summers, to look awesome.

There are many more things that you could try out and see whether it fits you or not. Just make sure that you don’t reject a dress or an accessory thinking that it wouldn’t match your personality. Let’s try some dresses & accessories from Pink Boutique Store which give amazing collection of fashion dresses for women.

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