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How To Fix A Door?

Doors do suffer from numerous problems, most of them being caused by age. However, before considering changes of doors, you must see if it could be repaired or not. Here is how you could fix the door if it falls under the 3 most common door problems considered.

Easing a door

The most common cause of tight doors is regular redecorating that creates a build up of thick paint at the edges of the door. The answer lies in the problem itself as you could remove the excess paint. You’ll need a sharp bench plane or a Sureform plan to ensure that the paint on the door is not affected. Shave off the excess paint, and then shave again if required. If the door gets stuck at the bottom on the floor, you will have to remove a little paint from the bottom of the door.

Fixing a rattling door

The most common reason for a rattling door is the strike plate to which the door latch is engaged. It is too far away from the door stopper. The door could be held closer by repositioning the striking plate. Chisel out the recess and refit the plates. Drill the old screw holes and fit dowels in case the new screw positions are too close to the old screw holes.

Easing a door that is hard to close

After some years, the hinges of your door could wear out. This makes the door drop down, and thus it becomes hard to close. In either case, you could swap the hinges from top to bottom as it will reverse the wear on the pins. If this isn’t working, you could buy and fit new hinges. It should be kept in mind that the hinges for your door are of high quality and durable for years to come or you will end up changing them every year.


Along with the maintenance of the door, it is vital that you select the best tools to ensure that it stays durable for a long time. While selecting various ironmongery articles online, ensure that you check out the sds London voucher code to get the best deals on these products.

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