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Gift Guide – 7 Gadgets For Your Home To Make It Ultra-Modern

Who doesn’t like tech devices? Who wouldn’t like that their home would be full of smart devices that would help them with daily activities? Who wouldn’t like that they would get their coffee ready before they wake up or when they enter the bathroom, the shower will rejuvenate them with their favorite music?

7 Gadgets For Your Home To Make It Ultra-Modern

So, here is the list of 7 gadgets we have chosen for you to gift to your loved ones:
Ninja Coffee Bar:
Currys ninja-coffee-bar
Image Courtesy:

Coffee is BAE. Everyone loves coffee, but everyone likes a different taste of coffee. Now, making different types of coffee for each and every member of the house is a tedious task and also, one has to take care of other important things. Hence, Ninja Coffee Bar. It will help you get the taste of home-made coffee that has all the ingredients in the exact amount you want. Not only it can brew Classic, Rich, or Specialty coffee, but the cherry on the top is that it can over ice as well! You can get this product at £89 from Before making any decision to purchase this product, don’t forget to use currys discount code from

Amazon Echo Dot:
Amazon Echo Dot
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How about a cute looking device that you could talk to, get about any information and a friend who would interact with you just for fun? I mean who doesn’t like a robot friend who will follow your every order and get you the information you want in minutes. The Amazon Echo Dot can do all the things Alexa can and it is just in a hockey-puck-size package. Also, connecting it to speakers for better results of music makes Echo Dot even better.

iHome Smart Plug:
iHome Smart Plug
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ihome smart plug is easily connected to Wi-Fi, which makes any device plugged into it easy. It can sync with your home and you can channelize it with the lights and your coffee maker and variety of other smart devices. It can also be controlled using Alexa and Google Assistant.

Nest Thermostat:
Nest Thermostat
Image Courtesy: The Home Depot

We are listing the cool gadgets, then it would be an insult if do not take the name of Nest thermostat. It looks sexy on your cream walls and will match your curtains. Now you ditch the wall clocks and replace them with Nest, it shows, time, day, date, and also controls the temperature of your home. The best part about it is, it works better with Alexa. Basically, the Nest Thermostat can learn your habits and start to save you money by automatically adjusting the temperature to your wants and needs.

Lever Gear Tool-card:
Lever Gear Tool card
Image Courtesy: Gadget Flow

If you have a boyfriend or husband or even a boy who loves to fix damaged things in your homes, then this tool-card is a perfect gift for you. It packs 40 functional items into a credit card sized package that you can carry in your wallet. It is a must-have for travellers, who like kayaking because you never know when you have to repair something.

Roku Ultra:
Roku Ultra
Image Courtesy: Monoprice

People are loving latest Roku Ultra device that supports 4K, HDR has output digital audio and lets you plug-in USB and micro SD card. You will get more than 3Kstreaming services to choose from, with Roku ultra. Also, its remote has a headphone jack, which allows you to watch TV without disturbing others’ priceless sleep. Also, it gives you the liberty to use your voice to search for shows by speaking into the remote rather than using your hands to change the channel. Click here to get this product from at lower price.

Samsung PowerBot 7070:
Image Courtesy: YouTube
Image Courtesy: YouTube

This is my most favorite gadget amongst all the above mentioned cool gadgets. It a cute robotic vacuum cleaner that sucks up everything under its brush. This connected vacuum not only works with Samsung’s Smart Things platform but with Alexa and Google Assistant as well. You can get it going just by talking to it. It is a bit too big to set it under any furniture, but it definitely is the perfect replacement for an old vacuum cleaner.

Now that you know, which are the best gadgets that would make your lives of your friends and family easier that too at a cheaper rate, go for it. Do not stick with flowers and chocolates, because though they are classy, anyone would love to have tech gadgets over them. Whether it is vacuum cleaner or Nest Thermostat, their experience with these gadgets will make them remember you for the rest of their life. Gift your loved ones something useful and memorable.

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