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Gift Your Father Something Special This Father’s Day!!!

Fathers are indeed special people in everyone’s life because kids look up to fathers. He is a  person who is a best friend, a guardian, a supporter and a person who always back you no matter what happens. He is the man of every kid’s life and they grow up aspiring to be like him. He is a daughter’s standard for a man and a son’s role model. A daughter looks for the qualities that her father has in her man and a son aspires to be like him.

Thus, this father’s day on 17th of June, gift your father something special that is not cliche and definitely not ordinary:

Gift Your Father Something Special This Father’s Day!!!

Father’s day cards:

You can gift your father a personalized father’s day card which could be different and unique. There are superhero card, the award-winning card, cartoons and animated card available. Choose something best for your father and gift it to him. You can select from a number of options available with Moonpig. Be it avengers card or Guardians of Galaxy card or Mario card, you know best for your father.


The Sleekster contains 27 units of chocolates for your father if he loves chocolates. It has types of chocolates such as Champagne truffle, caramel cheesecake, cherry deluxe, Eton mess, Mousse Au chocolate and so on. You can have the combination of all 5 or more chocolates which have the unique and distinguished taste. Feed something good to the person who feeds you every day.

Chocolate and Fizz:

What is better than a bucket of chocolates and fizz for your father? The chocolate made up of a combination of best-loved recipes because he deserves it. It will not even go heavy on your pockets and your father will love the gift. Ditch a cliche wallet or a tee-shirt or a watch gift and switch to the chocolate and fizz gift with delivery option and gift card facility. You can directly send him the gift and surprise him. The Hotel Chocolat has some of the best chocolate box gifts.

Non-cliche gifts:

Dot Com Gift Shop has some of the best non-cliche gifts such as glass cases and periodic tables, earphone cable tidy and water bottles. You need not think much about what to gift your father because Dot Com Gift Shop has numerous options available which are perfectly suitable for you to gift your dad. You can gift him the mug, or a bicycle bell or a bicycle tool-set, it will something extraordinary every time.

Silicon Record coasters:

Who doesn’t like classic gifts? The six silicon record coaster for just £5.95 is nothing compared to what your dad has spent for you. This is also the perfect gift for the man who loves music. You can get the speedy delivery and can return in 30 days if you are not satisfied with the gift.

Adventurous gifts:

For the dads who love to drive, you can gift them the perfect gifts such as double super car blast and hot ride which includes 6-mile drive and 20 locations to choose from. Forget about two-a-penny aftershave or gaudy socks which he would actually never use and go for something better.

Another option is that you gift your father a challenge or something that will have Adrenalin pumping day out. Give him a challenge of tank driving or Seaway rally or Indoor Skydiving, etc.

You can also take him out for a dinner as he would love some gourmet experience. There are numbers of restaurants which contain a range of continents and exotic dishes from China to hearty pub meals. For something especially more than extraordinary, gift him the Venice Simpson-Orient-Express dining adventure.

For the dad who is a culturalist, you can satisfy his culture-hunger with 75 pounds Sunday lunch jazz cruise on the River Thames to a luxurious trip up The Shard, complete with champagne, London’s offerings are never-ending. Also, you can gift him a weekend getaway and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For sporty dads, you can gift the tickets to the games or treat him to a day at the races, where he can immerse himself in the buzzing atmosphere of the venue. You will witness his walk in the footsteps of his sporting heroes with a tour of a famous stadium, or help him perfect his shot with a masterclass in clay shooting or archery.

You can get it all at Red Letter Days where you can get every kind of non-cliche and unique gifts.

Something alcoholic:

Men are fond of alcohol and gifting them something alcoholic will always get you brownie points. However, you must know his taste that if he would be interested in Small-batch English vodka infused with salted caramel and cocoa. It must be served chill with the balance of flavors neither too sweet nor too salty. What steals the show is whole cocoa bean from inside each bottle which makes it even better. Gift him something that he doesn’t have to shove in the cupboard.

You can also go for distinctive, contemporary English gin as cocoa growers in Saint Lucia, distills it with the shell giving it a toasted subtle edge harmonized with a host of botanical.

Super Hero gifts:

If your father is a huge fan of Harry Potter gifts, then cauldron mug, wallet platform, water bottle, crest light, etc are available. Similarly, Batman hip flask, the game of thrones heat changing mugs, storm-troopers Bluetooth speaker, whisky stones, metal construction kit are all available at BuyaGift.


Everyone likes to read and if they don’t then that means they haven’t found the correct book. For smart, nerdy and witty dads, you can gift him some books like “Little book of Trumpism” or “The Art of Bar Cart”, “The Bar Hopper handbook”, “Haynes Manual”, “Man vs. Child”or “Star Wars Battle Stations mini construction book”, etc.

Something Cliche yet not cliche:

Title is intriguing, right? Yes, you can gift you father a small alarm clock or world map inspired umbrella. You can also go for apron if he loves to cook or Adult Bento box, Portable USB charger Bottle cock-screw and bottle opener. There is an option for bicycle design cup and flask or travelling shaving mirror. The soaps and hip flasks could work out just fine. All these things are common yet they are uncommon if you buy it from because they are customized on the basis of different themes.

Gift your father something unique and different this father’s day. Do not go around shopping for something from gift shops but instead order it online from It is an E-commerce platform for lots of products put into lots of categories. Choose your gift wisely, after all, it is for the most precious man of your life.

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