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Halloween- Remembering The Dead

Halloween is also known as Allhalloween. It is observed on 31st October. On this day people remember the people who are dead like saints, martyrs as well as our loved ones who departed from us. It is celebrated on the eve of All Hallows Day, which is considered as Western Christian feast day.

People across many countries celebrate Halloween in many ways. They watch horror movies, tell scary stories, carve Jack-o’-lanterns out of pumpkins, lit bonfire, attend Halloween parties, wear scary costumes, etc. Many people even go to church on this day, pray for the dead and light candles on the graves. It is even noted that many people remain vegetarian on this day and consume apples, potato pancakes, cider, colcannon as well as soul cakes.

Halloween means holy evening. The word Halloween originated from the Scottish word Hallows Eve. Halloween is celebrated on the eve of All Hallow-day and on All Souls day which is celebrated on Nov 2. All these three days are collectively called as Allhallowtide.

Halloween originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts were the people who used to live in Ireland, the northern part of France and the United Kingdom. They celebrated harvest festival on November 1. They marked it as the end of summer and starting of winter. They believed that it was on October 31st that ghosts came on the earth. So they celebrated that day in the remembrance of the people who died.

In the beginning, Halloween was limited to European countries but, later with the merger of colonies, they slowly began to spread in America. It was followed by trick or treating which revived with time. In the beginning, it was celebrated by the kids in schools which later moved to homes. Later people started to widely celebrate the festival and they began to spread across America.

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People believed that Halloween marked the beginning of winter. Winter was considered as dark days as days grew shorter and nights grew longer. It was the time when people experienced scarcity of food. Moreover, people in olden time believed that it was the time when ghosts came on the earth. So to protect themselves from the ghosts, people used to wear masks as they believed that ghosts will mistake them for the fellow spirit. Food is kept outside the home so as to please the ghosts.

Apart from these scary superstitions, it was considered as a time for women to find their future husbands. Women would toss hazelnut into the fire by naming the nut for their suitors. If the nut was burned then the suitor was considered as the future husband. Things were just the opposite in some traditions.

Another story suggests that women used to keep apple peels on their shoulder and let it fall on the ground. The shape of the peel suggested the initials of their future husband. It is also said that some Halloween parties organized chest hunt and the one found that found it first was the one to get married.

There are many superstitions revolving around the Halloween day, still, people consider it as the day for partying and celebrations.

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