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How leather jackets are bringing style back

In recent fashion trends, the leather jacket is definitely in style for men. It is quite costly but many stores offer discount codes for them as it is an iconic style item worth taking up room in your closet. Even now, leather jackets continues to be classic amongst men and before buying one for yourself, follow these tips.

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1.Choose a satisfying cut

Each jacket fits differently for individuals. Some jackets have roomier fit in chest area while some have in waist area. Depending on what type of jacket you wish to buy and your body stature, you can select the flattering fit.

2.Select the right colour

Generally, brown leather jackets look casual and go well with jeans. Black jackets can be paired with pants to give a formal look.

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3.Check leather quality

Leather jackets are made from lambskin or cow skin. Cowhide has a more rugged look and used in vintage jackets. Lambskin is softer and glossy looking but tears easily.

4.Keep your wardrobe in mind

Before buying a jacket, you must check out what type of clothes you have. The leather jacket should complement most of your clothes.

5.Make sure it is comfortable

Since most jackets are designed to fit exactly, make sure it is not body hugging. There should be enough room in chest area and shoulder areas.

There are different types of leather jackets from which you can select according to your need.

  • Classic leather jacket

The classic leather jacket is made from rich leather that gives off polished vibes. You can pair brown coloured jacket with jeans, shirt and tie to get that classy look.

  • The bomber jacket

This jacket adds style to any outfit you wear with it. It also has a collar that can steal the show. You can pair it up with casual t-shirt and jeans.

  • The moto jacket

This jacket is ultra comfortable and has knit hood layered under biker inspired leather.

  • The officer jacket

This military jacket with vintage brass buttons and decorated cuffs add a subtle look. You can pair it up with dark jeans and casual t-shirt.

  • The flight jacket

It is nearly impossible not to look cool in this jacket! It is roomy yet well fitted and has foldaway nylon hood.

  • The aviator jacket

This jacket has that rugged and tough look. Mostly men from aviation industry prefer to wear this jacket.

  • The field jacket 

This jacket has four roomy pockets in front and a hood that is hidden in the collar

  • The regal jacket

This one elegant leather jacket gives a modern touch. You can either zip it up or keep it loose.

  • The racer jacket 

The trim fit of this jacket gives interpretation of the classic biker style.

Hence, leather jackets will be the best thing you ever spend your money on as they come in so many different styles. So stop thinking and get one for yourself right now! You can also opt discount codes from Lakeland Leather discount code to minimize your pay.

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