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How To Give Your Home A New Look By Reusing Old Stuff

For most of us, old stuff is such pieces of rags and broken stuff which we normally tend to throw. But have you ever thought, they can become enticing pieces which can beautify your house and make it one of its kind? Yes, it is very much possible. From new arrangements of your old furniture to the DIY makeovers, there are many ways to give your old home a new look. So, gear up yourself and get started with this Land of Deals quick guide which would help you in giving a ravishing look to your house without spending a penny from your pocket.

Have a tour of your own home :

Have a tour of your own home

Walk through your home and explore every nook and corner of it. It’s very likely that you’d be finding something which can become a masterpiece. For example, you can re-purpose an old vintage photo frame as a vanity tray. Place a colored paper or a fabric which can give it the required finishing touch.

Give the old double bed a new life :

Give the old double bed a new life

If your old twin bed is itching your eyes, you can easily transform it into a stylish daybed with an elegant coverlet and an armful of pillows. The key is to make it look more sofa-like than a bed. So you ought to keep in mind to cover it with a heavy blanket and a similar kind of mattress.

Decorate your walls with dishes :

Decorate your walls with dishes

Bored of the old crockery lying in your kitchen’s cabinet? Don’t worry! You can hang them on the wall and give it an attractive display. Try making different arrangements with the plates and give it a rhythmic look. You can also incorporate a big platter in the centre. Also, you can paint the plates or cover them with pieces of colorful paper.

Convert a broken desk into a bookshelf cabinet

Convert a broken desk into a bookshelf cabinet

If you love reading books, then you should definitely try this. Repair the desk, paint in a colour that you like and watch some DIY tutorials to transform the desk into a bookshelf. You can also incorporate a glass slab and wooden handles to open and close it.

Revamp the entertainment centre into a play kitchen for the kids :

play kitchen for the kids

If you’ve kids, you might be knowing what a mess they create in the house. Give them a proper space to play by converting the entertainment centre into a play kitchen for your little naughty ones. Just a little paint and some imagination would turn that old eyesore into something that your kid would simply adore. Plus, you can stock up their toys efficiently so that they don’t lie just anywhere.

Turn a jute basket into a recycling centre :

jute basket into a recycling centre

If you have a large jute or a rope basket that is of no use now, you can reuse it by turning it into a recyclable centre. Place a disposable polyethene bag inside it and then label the sections so you get to know where your waste is going. It would not only minimize the use of plastics baskets but also would give a really attractive place to store your recyclables.

Turn the body lotion bottles into cell phone charging station :

cell phone charging station

Lotion bottles generally tend up to be seen in the dustbins when they get empty. After all, what could be possibly done with these bottles? The hack here is that you can create a really alluring cell phone charging station that holds your phone conveniently which would refrain the cords lying in the open. You can use a bit of creativity and a little effort you can create this handy cell phone charging station that would hold your phone and its cord right next to the switchboard. This would not only save the space but also would play its part in enhancing the overall look of the house.

Bottom line

Every day, something or the other is being considered as a rag and we normally tend to throw it. However, with a little piece of mind, few spare moments and some hush-hush on the internet would make you transpose your rags into riches. So from now before you tend to throw anything, just have a look at this guide rethink about your decision.

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