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How To Make The Easter Weekend 2017 Like Never Before

The religious significance of Easter is something which we all know very well. But, besides that there lies an opportunity to do much more fun things like having a lavish Easter Sunday lunch, visiting family and friends and the best of all – four days exciting weekend! So, when this extra special day is again round the corner, then obviously it’s again the time to think about some vibrant ideas for making this day phenomenal and taking some time off with family.

Want to do something different besides stepping into the best restaurants and going for an Easter egg hunt? Then just have a glimpse of the following things which you can do to make this Easter exceptional and worth remembering!!

  1. Watch an unusual play

renowned theatres Play

If the typical Easter story is not your thing, then you can get your theatre fix at various renowned theatres of the town which play the same Easter story with a modern touch in it. This will be a completely out of the box play and you’ll experience something very fresh and interesting. You can also go for the one woman show in the top theatres which is a must-see.

  1. Go for partying with live music

partying with live music

If you’re not much of a traditional music lover, then normal Easter music won’t be your cup of tea. But, no worries!! That doesn’t mean you can’t have some good music around this Easter weekend. You can rather spin your body with the live DJ music at various town clubs which will leave you thrilled. You can even explore some Easter themed events at the trendiest night clubs in your city.

  1. Enjoy a yummy chocolate treat

making chocolate eggs

When Easter is around, chocolate takes a toll. Most of the shops around the cities arrange delicious chocolate treats for people in a unique way by making chocolate eggs imitating the concept of Easter eggs. You can explore such a palatable and one of a kind thing in those shops. There are also some exclusive chocolate-themed afternoon teas across the cities which includes chocolate truffles, scone and cakes. You can even find some chocolate inspired cupcakes and treats in the top cake shops like Hotel Chocolat.

  1. Relish the spring blooms

various national reserves

If you want to do something that makes you relaxed and give a soothing feeling then take a walk through the picturesque grasslands in the outskirts of the city. And also you can give a try to the rustic woodlands or various national reserves. This will bring you close to the beautiful nature with which you might be getting detached because of the contemporary machinery lifestyle. You can even visit a city farm or zoo for watching some spring arrivals and colourful migrating birds and animals.

  1. Embark on a cruise caravan

cruise caravan

During Easter, going for a voyage is something which you can do to make the weekend unique. You can start your journey on the beautiful tall ships to some nearby places when the weekend starts and return back at the end of the weekend. When you’ll be travelling in a City Cruises you can have a better and extravagant view of the dazzling Easter evening fireworks which will be going on all around you.

You can even set sail for a luxurious VIP dinner cruise aboard a tall ship before you watch the fireworks. You can further have a look at the spectacular parade of sail consisting of number of tall ships. You can see these types of activities around most of the cities.

So, before Easter arrives, make sure you include these things to your to-do list for making this festive weekend noteworthy and momentous.

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