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The Key Denims Trends For Women That Dominated Throughout 2014

Denims have dominated the runways recently and the reason why this fabric is loved so much by designers is because it is versatile. Denims look good on just about anything. Not only jeans, but the durable material is also used to make denim bags, denim swimsuits, and more.

Every woman is fond of denims and would have something in her wardrobe, the most common being jeans that are the staple-wear. Jeans are not about only one style and shade anymore. Designers are getting more and more inventive with this casual fabric and there are numerous artistic creations done with denims.

The most common trend to have emerged is the decorated denim trend. There is a wide range of decorated denims available from the house of several fashion houses.

The most baffling question that comes to one’s mind is, “What kind of jeans will look good on you?” Well that largely depends on your personal preference and style. However, you should know a thing or two about the main styles prevalent in denim jeans.

There have been numerous fashion trends  introduced during the year 2014, however jeans hasn’t lost its lustre among the other counterparts.

The five main styles of denim jeans are straight, flared leg, slouch, bootleg, and skinny. It really depends on you as to what looks best on you, however the broad and wide leg styles are currently in trend.

Skinny jeans are quite flattering and easy to dress up. They are also styles that have remained popular for more than one season. This point is enough to state how popular skinny jeans are.

Slouch jeans come about as an anti-fashion statement and in sharp comparison to the skinny jeans are fairly slouchy at the hips and are loose but slightly fitted on the legs. If you want to have a relaxed look, these are the ideal option.

Bootleg and straight jeans are two relatively moderate leg cuts and are simple, extremely comfortable, and easy to wear. For women with a heavy top, bootleg jeans will be a good option to balance out their figure and flatter their curves. On the other hand, straight jeans are great for those women who need a classic pair of jeans that fit perfectly. These kind of jeans are also good for short women, as the style elongates their legs.

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