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Kickoff your Parenthood with Super Money Saving Tips

Super Money Saving Tips

It could be quite an expensive affair being a parent. For new parents, this new bunch of expenses could be overwhelming, and no wonder it makes one go airhead. It is one experience that changes the whole life and the way you live it. Once a baby arrives in your life, you bet you will be all about the baby. There is just a mild hiccup in being a parent, and that is money management. Of course, it is similar to biting the bullet, but with some precautions and smart budget tactics, you could make an all-out effort and afford the things that you need and raise your child like a king/queen. Here are some eye-openers that will make you go, “OMG, why I didn’t know this before!”

Shop for Unisex Clothing: You will barf at this idea and will think of it as a bunch of baloney. There is practically no reason to buy different models and fittings for small boys and girls as there is no great deal of difference in how their bodies are shaped. So if you are planning to have more than one child and it beats you as to what kind of wear should you have, stay away from the usual blue and pink outfits. Many T-shirts and pants are worn both by girls and boys throughout pre-school. Moreover, many designing companies have now taken an overall approach to unisex clothing that considers color, pattern, and fit. This not only enables the freedom of choice, but also it makes financial sense and your better half will be glad for you.


Save On Baby Furniture: Now this one’s going to cost you big money. You want that your baby should have a blast. However, there are a whole lot of ways to do that than only spending a fortune on the nursery furniture. It isn’t like you have to blow away at the nearest park with the baby furniture. Start looking early for the furniture, as you have about eight months to set up the nursery. You could also consider purchasing unfinished furniture that is available in many stores like Mothercare, Argos & Habitat, and customize it by having it finished for the nursery, paint the shelving, wooden knobs, handles and add charm to the nursery. Remember the baby furniture is temporary, perhaps only 18 months. While buying from a website, you could surf the web and see if you get some coupon codes from that give you the discount on the purchase from certain websites. Make sure you do all this early, or you are going to bomb the search at the last moment.

Explore Homeschooling: While circumstances force parents to put their 2 year olds in someone else’s care at day-time and book a place, there are many who are influenced by the hugely popular propaganda of the pre-school craze. Putting the idea off and using your brains for a year or two could save thousands spent on tuition fees. A stimulating milieu could be created and generate numerous opportunities for play-dates with your friends to prepare children for the kindergarten. Within some days you will be able to kick it off with a breeze.

Cut You Kid’s hair: This one will earn you some brownie points along with some money. It may sound crazy, but it is an absolute can do. Check this out!! A salon visit could cost somewhere around $25 or more. However, the child’s locks could be easily trimmed by you too. What you need is a spray bottle, a comb and a pair of scissors. Dang! You are game for it. The step-by-step instructions are available through many sources on-line. Guess what! A visit to the salon takes time; your child gets messy and irritable while getting a haircut, moving head here and there. You are saved from all this trouble by allotting some time every fortnightly or once in a month. You will find it annoying; eventually, you will do it as your own thing.


Shift Working Hours:  You are not a fat cat, and apparently the both of you could be required to work depending on the situation. For a family where both the parents are working, one payment that takes out the biggest slice from their income is babysitting. Fixing to look out for jobs that allow flexible hours is an excellent move, or you could even see if your current employer permits you to work flexibly. Some parents do away with child-care expenses by arranging the work timings, so that one spouse could work in the evening while the other hustles during the day. Make sure that you work schedules and stress don’t fizzle you out.

Homemade baby food: There is no denying to the fact that baby food is quite expensive. Preparing baby food at home is quite cheaper, and a greener way to achieve the required nutrition when shifting your child’s feeding from milk to semi-solids or solids. This saves you from a lot of fret concerning the money. It is not tough or time-consuming. You could easily mix fruits with other ingredients for taste and nutrition and blend the vegetables to introduce your baby to new flavors.


Brush Away Dental Expenditure: You may find this funky. Does it have any importance in my money-saving program? Yes, it does! You can help prevent cavities to your child by brushing their teeth twice a day until the child attains the skill to do it on its own. A single filling cost is somewhere around $300.

Putting away money for your child’s great future will get you a big bang. Getting a clue from these tips will see you through. Get a grip on the reality, and that’s it!! This is not a Catch 22 situation from which there is no way out. It is recommended to research on-line on various products and services to see if they suit your requirements. While purchasing online, ensure that you check out for discount coupons that are available on dealslands UK.

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