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A Quick Guide To The Berlin City

There are a plethora of options for activities and sightseeing in Germany, thus making it the popular choice for a family vacation. The numerous parks in Berlin, plenty of museums, and city tours will serve your family with some unforgettable memories.

The Peacock Island :

The Peacock Island

The city has its share of amazing parks, and the Peacock Island that is situated in south-west Berlin is one of the most sough after parks. The island is a natural reserve located in the River Havel, that is home to friendly, free roaming peacocks and the majestic Pfaueninsel Castle that dates back to 1794. The forest walkaways and picnic spots make a great day out on the island. Entry is free and the island could be reached by a bus from Wannsee Station, followed by a ferry ride that costs only a few Euros.

The Potsdamer Platz :

The Potsdamer Platz

More than a hundred thousand people visit the Potsdamer Platz  on a daily basis.; This is the place where you will find a huge number of restaurants, bars, shopping, and entertainment options. This is also the perfect place to spend some time if you find the weather a little rainy, so that you could visit one of the 19 cinemas to watch a film or check out some of the amazing art exhibitions. The LEGOLand Discovery Centre is located at the Potsdamer Platz, a place where kids could enjoy adventure rides and even create their own models at a workshop.

Take a ride in the water :

Take a ride in the water

Cruises are an awesome way to look at the exotic city architecture. A 1.5 hour cruise down the River Spree to visit the historic city centre and the parliament district is an amazing experience. This cruise will also cross you over West and East Berlin and sail under several of the city’s famous bridges.

Visit the museums :

Visit the museums

Berlin is undoubtedly a historic city and you will be able to witness some amazing museums with themes such as art, history, technology, films, and more. You will find around 200 museums, including the Jewish Museum in Kreuzberg that tells the story of the European Jews with the help of films and artefacts.

The Pergamonmuseum is regarded as one of the most important archaeological museums that holds many collections. Kids are surely going to like the German Museum of Technology that will also hold the Spectrum interactive science museum.

If you have additional time, ensure that you also check out some unusual points, including a tour of the spooky abandoned them park near Planterwald. There are numerous sightseeing places to keep both the adults and the kids occupied. When checking out the most affordable solutions to visit the city of Berlin, make sure that you check out the Berlin Pass promo code and avail the best deals for your trip to Berlin.

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