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Take A Look At 10 Myths About Black Friday Shopping Spree

Once the Halloween is passed the next thing that people look for is Black Friday. Black Friday means the time for people to shop for many things. A lot of people shop for this special occasion. It is true that Black Friday shopping comes with lots of discounts. But then again there are many myths attached to these shopping trend and discounts. So let’s go through them one by one:

Myths About Black Friday

1.Myth: Real Black Friday sale begins on the same day :
Many of the shopping destinations starts discounts and offers on a day before Black Friday, that is on Thanksgiving Day. Then there are others who start their sales many days before Black Friday. So it would be better to go for such shops as it will save you from spoiling your Thanksgiving Day in the shopping malls.

2.Myth: Go for Doorbusters :

Many stores give out offers during festival seasons. So people stay overnight outside the store for these deals. Many a times low cost items are displayed in such sales. So thinking that door busters really help to save is just a myth.

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3.Myth: The shops offer amazing offers so that you can spend night outside the store :
During the festive season like Black Friday, many online stores provides ideal deals. They provide doorbusters that too with many discount coupons. This means that you can shop from home and make savings at the same time. So it is not necessary to go for the endless queues outside the store and spend night in the cold.

4.Myth: People shop most during Black Friday :

The reports of International Council of Shopping Centres suggest that people shop most during the Christmas time especially on the Saturday before December 25. So it is considered as the busiest shopping time of the year.

5.Myths: Shops offer lowest price on products during Black Friday :
It is true that many discounts are offered during Black Friday, but you will find many sales which can be matched later. The shops comes with simple offers and concentrate on doorbsuters thinking that people will go for them aiming high discounts.

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6.Myth: Black Friday is the best time to shop for goods :
It is true that many products are available at the lowest price during the shopping season of Black Friday. Again it is true that rates go down during November and Christmas sales. So if you have plans to shop more, then you can wait for them. In case you are left to shop at this point of time, you can still have the best deal by going for the discount deals at Dealslands.

7.Myth: Look out for the deals at Black Friday ads :
Stores often plan new deals for Black Friday and put them online on their site on Thursday. So the people who will come on the store on Friday will know about the deals. Therefore check out for the deals on the ads section for Black Friday.

8.Myth: Black Friday ads which are leaked are good :
Many a times ads are leaked from the store, last year it was found that the deals which were leaked from the store never existed.

9.Myth: Black Friday Good time to purchase TV :
Many people believe it to be true. TVs comes with offers during this time. But something that you should know is that they come with best offers during the festive season of December. So many companies releases their new products with discounts during this time.

10.Myth: Electronic items comes with extended warranty :
Many of the shops brings down the rate of the products to lowest possible price. So to make some profit margin, they offer extended warranty on the products. So don’t fall prey to the offer and spend more on the deals.

Hope these myth busters will help you when you plan to shop this Black Friday.

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