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How To Take Care Of Your Fish During Winter?

A lot of factors contribute towards keeping your pond fish healthy during the winter season. The main considerations are the depth of your pond, the equipment to be used, the kind of fish, and most of all, how cold it gets where your pond is. There are a few rules, though, that should help out any pond owner to keep the fish healthy throughout the winter. Maintaining a pond needs expertise and understanding, just like you understand your pet.

  • Get the water balanced before the weather turns cold

You should be trying to keep the water as well-balanced as possible all the year around. However, it is a good practice to put a couple of extra partial water changes when the weather gets cooler. It helps in getting rid of some of the by-products of the pond’s metabolism giving the fish healthier water through the cold months.

  • Keep the water balanced

When the mercury drops, it’s  a good thing to add cold water bacteria. The metabolism of the bacteria in your pond will slow and even stop in winter, meaning that they’re less active in cleaning of the pond. Cold water bacteria will keep metabolising the waste in your pond in the colder weather.

  • Change the feeding schedule

As the water gets cooler, the metabolism of pretty much everything will slow down in the pond. Slower metabolism will mean that the fish will find it difficult to digest whatever they eat, and this would cause problems. When the water gets below 55 degrees F, it is strongly recommended to switch to a specialized cold water fish food. This is less rich and easier to digest, and is much healthier for your fish. If the water drops below 42 degrees, you could stop feeding the fish.

  • Keep Water Clean Before It Creates Problem

It’s time to start using your net. Once the leaves start gathering on the surface of your pond, it will be too late for you. Your pond will be full of things that would be unhealthy for your fish.

Conclusion :

There are numerous equipments available to ensure the safety of the fish and the pond. Check out various voucher codes available online, including the pond-keeper voucher code to avail the best offers on your pond equipments.

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