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Top 5 Myths About Horse Saddles Busted

While surfing around the internet for all kinds of information on horse-care, you will sometimes get quite frustrated at what is best and what not. Of course, being inundated with loads of information would make you confused, especially while you are selecting saddles. We have busted some myths here about the way you could select and use saddles for your horse.

Myth # 1: One size fits all

For the first time owner, this simple information may be new. It is baffling to know that the saddles’ size is not only based on your requirements, but also the true size of the horse. Both the things are to be considered in equal measures to ensure that you and the horse are comfortable.

Myth # 2: If you have two horses you could get a saddle that fits both

The only exception is that you have both the horses with same back width and length, same weight, and wither shape. Other than this, there is hardly any truth in this myth. No two horses of different sizes could be using the same saddle. An unfitting saddle will mean comfortable for one horse and harmful for the other.

Myth # 3: A good saddle pad solves the fitting problems

Many horse owners would be of the idea that putting a good saddle under an ill-fitting saddle will alleviate slipping, pinching, or uneven pressure. Good saddle pads will cause the saddle to fit better. There is more technology in the pad industry in order to make the saddle fit better and one should leverage from this advanced technology.

Myth # 4: There are standard measurements of saddles

It’s surprising to find out that the manufacturers are not having a standardized way that could measure the gullet width. The way of measurement of Billy Cook and Crates may be completely different. Most of the online saddle shops simply use those statistics provided by the manufacturers with each saddle.

Myth # 5: You can’t order online without trying it out

There are numerous downloadable templates available and you could also discuss out the particular needs of your horse with the saddle expert online. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be shopping online and catch the bestdeals with the use of voucher codes like the robinsons equestrian discount code available at Dealslands

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