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Top 5 Wedding Cake Flavours To Choose From For The Big Day

If your wedding day is drawing near then one of the facts which must be creating a confusion in your mind is the quintessential centrepiece of the reception, the wedding cake. Over the period of time, the details and designs of wedding cakes have become more and more popular with various beautiful fondant and sugar roses. You can get multiple options in the types of wedding cakes with many intricate patterns and infinite colours to choose from. And the best part is that the lucrative offers like M&S discount code 10 off can save your huge bucks while purchasing a premium quality wedding cake.

Moreover, apart from all the facts, while opting for a wedding cake what should matter to you the most is the taste of the cake. It’s because however much beautiful and aesthetically pleasant a wedding cake might be, your wedding cake should be a delectable one because you’ll certainly not like to make your wedding guests taste a wedding cake that is yucky!

So, here I am with the top five wedding cake flavours which will certainly make your guests drool for another extra slice.

Have a look!

  1. Chocolate :


With the numerous levels of richness and options for pairing the best flavours, chocolate is ranked at the top! It is one of the most palatable flavour that you can choose for that special day of your life. This being a childhood favourite is still being elevated to a sophisticated level when it is mixed with various awesome flavour such as mint, orange, strawberry, etc. Besides, you can both indulge in the richness or lighten the flavour while opting for a chocolate fudge or choosing a German chocolate cake respectively.

  1. Red Velvet :

Red Velvet cake

Red Velvet is one most popular wedding cakes flavour which you can get in the market. It is basically known for it’s enriched deep colour. It doesn’t taste completely like a chocolate not even like vanilla but overall the taste is just out of the world. You can pair red velvet with cream cheese frosting to give the whole taste a mind-blowing turn! So, if you’re about to get married then this is a great choice.

  1. White chocolate and Raspberry :

White chocolate and Raspberry

If you’re opting for this flavour you can experience an exhilarating amalgamation of sweet richness of white chocolate with the tart fruitiness of raspberry. Whether it’s a raspberry cream, raspberry jam or fresh raspberry filling that is incorporated with the delicious white chocolate, this delicious pairing is certainly a refreshing take on the traditional chocolate flavoured cakes.

  1. Lemon :

Lemon cake

The light and tangy lemon cakes are also another popular choice of people. If you’re going to have a spring wedding then this citrus flavour is just perfect. It is also a great option if you and your partner are not much fond of those traditional heavy and rich cakes. You can pair such a cake with raspberries or strawberries and whipped cream for experiencing a tasty fruity blend or go for the lemon buttercream frosting to complete the cake.

  1. Pink Champagne :

Pink Champagne cakeThese cakes really taste so exotic and one of a kind! In these cakes instead of using water in the batter while making such cakes, champagne is used. And the pink colour is attained by a food-colouring dye. This is just a perfect wedding cake with some bubbly in it. You choose your desired fillings and toppings out of the many options like rum flavoured custard, Bavarian whipped cream and dyed pink with yummy chocolate shavings in it.

Lastly, I assure you that if you choose one among the aforementioned flavours for the grand cake of your big day then you’ll end up having a complete gratification about it at the end of the day. Just do that and feel it!

Have a happy wedding!

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