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Wedding Guest? Know How To Save Money On Hotel

Going to attend a wedding? You must have planned for the day. Attractive outfit and an amazing wedding gift tops the list, but what about the other expenses? You must have planned a budget for it too, right? The other expenses that you will face are accommodation and transportation.

If you are new in the UK and you don’t have somebody to provide you with accommodation, you need to book a hotel room to spend the night. So the question arises is “how can I save money on this expense?”

Save Money On Hotel Rooms

The answer is quite simple, just follow the money-saving guide mentioned below and you will be able to save well.

Ask the venue experts :

Most of the time, weddings take place in hotels or place where some kind of accommodation is available. So the hotels provide some discount to the guests so that they can stay there for less. In case rooms are not available, it would be better to ask them for available rooms in the vicinity. They will be able to guide you better and even get you rooms at amazing discounts.

Go for bulk booking:

One of the best ways to get a discount on hotel rooms is to book in bulk. You can coordinate with the other guests and get it planned. In case you don’t know anyone out there, better ask the bride to book a room for you along with her other guests. This way you will be saved from spending more.

rooms at amazing discounts

Go online :

Now it is very easy to book hotel rooms online. Just search for rooms for the required date on the site like Premier Inn. It will bring to you a list of available options. You can choose what fits your budget. The best part is that you can make use of the Premier Inn discount card and get huge savings on your booking.

Negotiate :

Never be shy to negotiate for rooms. In case, they cannot bring the price much down better ask them for other free services like free breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, etc. In case you are making a bulk booking, you will for sure get a great discount. No hotel wants to end up with empty rooms!

Hotels for weddings

Call the hotel :

One of the best ways to know what a hotel has to offer is by calling them directly. Talk to the manager and ask about the deals. In case you are booking in bulk, you may even ask for a fair discount. No doubt the hotel manager will provide you with stunning deals.

Visiting deal provider site like Dealslands can also help you to get better deals on hotel rooms. So stay in a comfortable hotel room and enjoy every moment of the wedding.

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