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 What Makes CatTongue Grips for Phones the Best Choice for Athletes?

Smartphones have become an essential gadget for everyone, and that includes athletes and outdoor lovers. Whether you are a professional, or a fan of running in the park, you are probably taking your phone with you.

However, each time you take it out of your pocket, you are risking damaging your device if it slips out of your hand. That is where smartphone grips come into play, and we have several reasons why you should go with the Cat Tongue brand.

Non-Slip Grips

The main function of mobile phone grips should be to prevent the phone from slipping from your hands, or off the desk and other surfaces. Sadly, not all products meet user expectations in this area, although it should be your primary purpose.

That is why you should look for top-quality grips for phones, such as the ones designed by CatTongue Grips. These grips are reliable, which is the primary concern, especially if you are outdoors.

Imagine this scene – you are running through the park listening to your favorite tunes, and somebody calls you. As you take the phone out of your pocket, it slips from your hands and ends up on concrete. The chances are your screen broke, and you will be lucky if that is the only damage.

That cannot happen if you have a solid grip the moment you reach your phone. It is a function that cell phone grips should deliver, and it is the reliability you count on when you are outside.

Extremely Durable

While reliability and non-slip functions are important, you don’t want a phone grip that would fall apart after a month or two. You need a grip that is long-lasting and durable, especially if you are an athlete. That would mean that you can take your phone anywhere, including extreme adventures.

A reliable phone grip adds an extra layer of protection for extreme athlete’s smartphones. Outdoor lovers are those who should appreciate these devices the most. Being certain that your cellphone doesn’t have a slippery backside will make you far more comfortable in using it when you are outdoors.

A Personalized Touch

We don’t know about you, but if you ask us, phone grips can be boring! We understand those who love a one-color design, but you should add some creativity to it even then. Apart from excellent functionality, it is the design where you can see which manufacturer tried with their grips.

It is important to have a wide range of grips at your disposal. Whether you are going for a classic design, or you are looking for theme collections. For example, some users love animal grips, and they want to show their favorite animal.

Athletes might prefer USC grips, and fans of winter sports will love ski & snowboard grips designed by CatTongue Grips. Additionally, the company also has a flag collection so that you can proudly show the country you are representing. The choice is only up to you, and thanks to the affordable rates, you can feel free to mix and match the grips.

Easy to Apply

Cell phone grips aren’t rocket science, although Cat Tongue did invest over a year of research into designing units that will fit perfectly to your devices.

It might take advanced research to design a high-quality grip, but the usage needs to be simple for the owner. Nobody wants to spend minutes reading the instructions and following complicated guidelines. That is why you should look for the simplest solution possible.

You can apply adhesive grips directly to your phone or case. It can’t get simpler than that as you only need a couple of seconds to have a fully-working non-slip grip!



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